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Missing Ancestors July 2015

BERRY John m1945 KELLY Esther, divorced 1964
Descendants and Information sought


CLARKE Terence Edward (bc1820 Cav Irl) lived Albury NSW Aus
Arrival circa 1840s sought

COURTNEY George m1918 MOYLE Polly (b1898 Minmi NSW Aus, dau of John Thomas & Margaret Ann (WALLS) (MOYLE)
Information re Pollys death & burial sought
GRAHAM William (b1860 Sct) m BROWN Isabella
   George Clarke (b1888 Sct) m1909 Qld Aus Mildred Janet BLACK

Descendants and Information sought
JEFFREY Michael m1922 MOYLE Eva (b1901 Minmi NSW Aus, dau of John Thomas & Margaret Ann (WALLS) MOYLE)
Information re Evas death & burial sought
WALLACE William (b1860 Stoke upon Trent Sts Eng) m SIMPKINS Elizabeth
   Victor Albert (b1888 Stoke upon Trent Sts Eng) m1920 Qld Aus Mary Kate BLACK

Descendants and Information sought
WHITAKER Henry (b1812 Yks Eng) & Katherine (N HEGARTY) lived SA Aus, then Stawell Vic Aus 1858
Descendants and Information sought


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