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Missing Ancestors August 2014

HAYMAN Charles Edward m1910 Claypans SA Aus ORAM Elizabeth Annie
   Stanley Charles (1911–61)
   Nelson Edward (d1990)
   Gordon Leslie (1915–81)
   Arthur William (1918–88)
Elizabeth ORAM had Eng & NZ family connections

Descendants and Information sought


MEARS John (bc1823 Lei Eng, d1866 Melbourne Vic Aus) & Jane (n REED 1834–1902) arriv per Ida Melbourne 1853 with dau Maria Lucinda (1853–55)
Issue (all born Melbourne)
   Harriet Evangeline (1855–57)
   Sarah Ann Bowser (b1857)
   Elizabeth Jane Carey (1859–59)
   Robert Samuel (b1860)
   Harriet Evangeline (b1862)
   Ruth Jane (b1865)

Information re Robert Samuel sought


MEARS Robert (bc1827 Lei Eng) & Jane MEARS (n REED 1834–1902) lived Hawke Street, Melbourne
   John William (b1868)
   Charles Edward (b1870)

Information re Robert & John William sought

PARKER William Ernest (b1872, son of Joseph & Mary (SKEWES) PARKER) m1895 Adelaide SA Aus SCHUTZ Alvina Bertha (b1876)
Descendants and Information sought
SHEPPARD John (b1804 Bleadon Som Eng, possibly son of John & Hannah) convict arriv Sydney NSW Aus 1823 per Ocean
Descendants and Information sought


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