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Missing Ancestors April 2014

HARRIS George (1876-1954) m1900 Vic Aus BEULKE Katherina Jane Rena (1873-1957)
   Jessie Irene (b1901)
   Ida Minnie (b1905)
   Renee May
   Florence Esther
   Gordon Herbert (b1912)

Descendants and Information sought


LAING / LANG John (b1837 Falkirk/Carron Sti Sct, son of Alexander LAING & Agnes HOTCHKISS of Carron) arriv 1860 Sydney NSW Aus per Tudor, m1869 Newcastle NSW Aus LYONS Mary (b Cor Irl, arriv Alfred 1859), lived Plattsburgh, Wallsend NSW
   Agnes (b1869) m1 George BROWN m2 Alexander SMITH
   John (b1871) m Selinda CROWLEY
   Eleanor (b1872) m James LONSDALE
   Alexander (b1876)
   Barbara (b1878 m John ROBSON
   Mary Ellen (b1880) m1 William CURREY m2 James CURRIE
   Elizabeth (b1883)
   William (b1885) m Helen BOWER

Descendants and Information sought


MILLER John m1877 Carcoar NSW Aus O'RAFFERTY / var Alice
   James Andrew (1879–1945 Lismore NSW)
   Herbert Walter (c1882–1947 Lismore NSW)

Death details of parents sought

ORAFFEATY / var Thomas James (b1865 Blackwood/Trentham area Vic Aus, son of Thomas & Alice Georgina PRICE) ORAFFEATY / var)
Descendants and Information sought

STOCKER George William (1878-1940) m1894 BEULKE Caroline Edith Eadie (1875–1953)

   Harry (b1900)
   Kathleen (b1902)

Birth details of issue sought



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