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Missing Ancestors February 2016
DARKER Alfred Griffin (b1829 Sywell Nth Eng, son of John & Mary Ann (GRIFFIN) DARKER)
m1 1854 St Pancras Camden Mdx Eng KINGSTON Caroline (1837–69)
   William Alfred (b1855 Paddington Mdx Eng, d1920 Qld Aus) m Catherine Mary Williams JOHNSON
   Walter Thomas (1858–72)
   Adelaide Emma (1861–63)
   Adelaide Caroline (b1863 Eng, d1918 Qld Aus) m James TERRY
   Emma Louise (b1866 Eng, d1943 Qld Aus) m Frederick LOWE

m2 1874 STEVENS (n GASKINS) Sussanah
   Walter Harry (1876–1942 m Grace STRAW

Descendants and Information sought


DARKER John (b1804 Sywell Nth Eng) m1829 Wilby Nth Eng GRIFFIN Mary Ann (b1805 Caistor Lin Eng)
   Alfred Griffin (1829–97)
   Watkin Owen (1831–1905)
   Phillip Henry (1833–1922)
   Richard Thomas (b1837 Kettering Nth Eng, d1921 Brisbane Qld Aus)
   Caroline Emma (1839–1915)
   Adelaide Ann (1841–1934)
   Louisa Matilda (1844–1937)

Descendants and Information sought

EVANS William Rueben (alias Robert WILLIAMS) (b1893 Narrandera NSW Aus, d1959 The Rock, WWI & WWII veteran) m1921 McBEAN Elizabeth J
Information sought
HARVEY Thomas (1826-99) m1850 Melbourne Vic Aus MASTERSON Mary (1830–86). Thomas was butcher in Sandhurst 1860s
   Thomas (b1859)
   Elizabeth (b1861 Sandhurst)
   Catherine (b1857 Long Gully Vic)

Birth details of issue sought
McCALL Robert (b1816 Sct, d 1881 Surry Hills NSW), stonemason, m1841 Dalry Ayr Sct CRAIG Margaret Dunlop (1817–1896) migrated to NSW 1855
   William (1845–1923) m Agnes MacKENZIE
   Robert (1847–1859)
   Janet (1851–1933) m Hector KIDD
   John (1852–1883), blacksmith, m Mary Ann JONES
   David (1856–1913), blacksmith, m Rebecca WILDAY
   James Wilson (1858–1859)

Descendants and Information sought
NICHOLLS John James m1882 Sandhurst Vic Aus FINN Anne Ermina Anastasia (bc1864, dau of John & Mary (GORMAN) FINN)
   John James
   Alice Louise
   Bertrand Gorman
   Francis William
   Lilian Mary
   Monica Irene
   Winifred Anastasia
   Roth Boden
Family emig to RSA c1900

Birth and/or baptism details sought

PETTY John (b1820 Wakefield Wry Eng) lived Chewton, Sandhurst Vic Aus 1860+
m1 GINN Hannah (d1880 Sandhurst)
m2 HARVEY Agnes (b1863 Sandhurst)

John admitted to Sandhurst Hospital 1886

Information sought



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