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Missing Ancestors December 2014

CROW Robert Turner (b1867 Box Hill Vic Aus, d1935 Tally Ho Vic) m1892 MIHAN Minna Hermione (b1874 Box Hill, d1955 Glen Waverley Vic)
   Elsie Harriet 1893–1984
   William Frederick 1895–1916
   Robert Henry 1895–95
   Herbert Allan 1897–1968
   Leslie John 1899–1977
   Annie Elizabeth 1901–71

Descendants and Information sought


HANSEN Andrew Frederick (bc1860 ?Swe) m1884 MIHAN Agnes Louisa Christina (1862–1930)
   Albert Andrew 1885–1935
   William 1888–88
   Henry Frederick 1889–97
   Alice Victoria 1893–1965
   Maud Amelia 1894–1978
   Henry Gladstone 1898–1974

Descendants and Information sought


HARRIS Emma Rosina (b1866 Tam OShanter Belt SA Aus, dau of Martha HARRIS d1873) Emma adopted by ZIMMERMAN family

Information sought

LUKEY Joseph Ronalds/Reynolds m1882 Vic Aus FOULDS Elizabeth McBride (d1907); Joseph left 4 teenage children in care of aunt Sophia Cameron FOULDS Geelong area Vic Aus
Josephs death details sought
MOUNTAIN Eliza Jane (b1862 Sydney NSW Aus, dau of George MOUNTAIN & Mary Ann BURGESS/GARNETT) poss m1886 Sydney NSW Aus HARDEN William
Information re Eliza sought


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