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Missing Relatives (living) July 2016
ADDISON Vic Aus marriages being researched:
Adam b1804 mc1828 ROYSTON Jemima bc1814
Andrew b1833 m1858 LAWSON Isabella b1838
Berkley b1848 m1867 SHEPHERD Caroline
Charles Alexander b1842 mc1867 RAGG Annie b1842
Edward b1845 m1868 PIGGOTT Mary b1848
Garrett m1855 MAUGHAN Martha b1839
George junior b1870 m1891 SPENCE Annie b1870
Henry m1846 WOODHALL Matilda
Richard b1861 m1884 JEWELL Selena b1868
William b1856 m1883 KERR Janet b1855

Information sought
RANKIN Mary A (b1860 Elgin Mor Sct, dau of William & Mary Helen (KIRBY) RANKIN) emigrated to Aus
Descendants and Information sought


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