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These are the surnames some of our subscribers are researching.
Do you have any of them in your family tree?

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(see below)

Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ADDISON (1927 Surry Hills NSW Aus)
ALBINS / var (1852 Timor Vic Aus)
ALLEN (1800s Peckham Sry Eng)
ALLERDICE / var (-1810 Irvine Ayr Sct)
ANDERSON (1833 Dub Irl)
ANDERSON (1857 Sydney NSW Aus)
ANGOVE (1878+ Emmaville NSW Aus)
ANNABELL (1850+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
ARNOLD (1814 Dor Eng)
ARNOTT (1700s+ Mln Sct)

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BAILLIE (1830+ Newry Arm Irl)
BALCKE (1800+ Qld Aus)
BARLEY (1800s Wolverton Bkm Eng)
BARNES (1795 London Eng)
BARR (-1810 Kilwinning Ayr Sct)
BARRY (1925 Tambo Qld Aus)
BARWICK (1700s+ Ken Eng)
BATES (1833+ Singleton NSW Aus)
BELCHER (1772 Goosey Brk Eng)
BELL (1840+ Maitland NSW Aus)
BENTON (1900 Broken Hill NSW Aus)
BIRCHALL (1843+ Lan Eng)
BIRCHALL (1900+ Portland NSW Aus)
BOURKE (1800s Ash Prior Som Eng)
BOURKE (1902 Bourke NSW Aus)
BOWHILL (1791+ Nfk Eng)
BOWHILL (1827 Weedon Nth Eng)
BOWHILL (-1861+ London Mdx Eng)
BOYDEN (1800+ Sheerness Ken Eng)
BOYDEN (1850 Port Melbourne Vic Aus)
BRIDGE (1840 Hyde Chs Eng)
BRIDGE (1865 Parramatta NSW Aus)
BROOKS (1845 Oldham Lan Eng)
BURGE (1860+ Castlemaine Vic Aus)
BURROW (1800+ Bristol Gls Eng)

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CASEY (1870+ Wauchope NSW Aus)
CASEY (1920+ Balmain NSW Aus)
CHEYNE (1840s Aberdeen Abd Sct)
CHUCK (1859+ Goulburn NSW Aus)
CLASSEN (1950+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
COLLINS (1829 Cor Irl)
COLMAN (1880+ NSW Aus)
COLVILL (1840 Ratcliff Mdx Eng)
COOK (1800 Macleay River NSW Aus)
COPELAND (1854+ Goulburn NSW Aus)

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DANIELS (1800s Bermondsey Mdx Eng)
DANKS (1700s Birmingham War Eng)
DATSON (1600s+ Con Eng)
DAVEY (1800s Ash Prior Som Eng)
DAVEY (1902 Bourke NSW Aus)
DELLACA (1848 Brusio Graubunden Ch)
DICKINSON (1979 Maryborough Qld Aus)
DICKSON (1800s+ Fif Sct)
DUNCOMBE (1833+ Singleton NSW Aus)
DUNN (1881+ Inglewood Qld Aus)
DUNNING (1811 Plymouth Dev Eng)
DUNNING (1854+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
DURHAM (1790+ Hun Eng)
DURHAM (1850+ Geelong Vic Aus)

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EADIE (1800s+ Lochwinnoch Rfw Sct)
EBERLE (1840s Lausanne Ch)
EBERLE (1855+ Vic Aus)
EBERLE (1880s Warragul Vic Aus)
EDGAR (1900 Broken Hill NSW Aus)
ELLIOTT (1870+ Emmaville NSW Aus)
ENNEW (1800s WivenhoeEss Eng)

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FAIRHURST (1900+ Portland NSW Aus)
FENTON (1810 Kendal Wes Eng)
FEVERYEAR (1768+ Wingfield Sfk Eng)
FINLAY (1850+ Duddingstone Mln Sct)
FINLAY (1861+ Vic Aus)
FRANKS (1838 Pennant Hills NSW Aus)
FONSECA (1891 London Mdx Eng)
FROGLEY (1800 Denchworth Brk Eng)

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GANE (1920+ Balmain NSW Aus)
GODWIN (1887+ Grafton NSW Aus)
GOOCH (1800s Bilderston Sfk Eng)
GOOD (1886 NZ)
GORDON (1700+ Botriphnie Ban Sct)
GREEN (1850+ Moonta SA Aus)
GRIGSBY (1840 Higham Ken Eng)
GRIGSBY (1850+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
GROSE (1873 Qld, Vic Aus)

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HAMMOND (1875+ Warialda NSW Aus)
HARRISON (1866+ Cul Eng)
HART (1890 Curdie Vic Aus)
HART (1915+ Geelong Vic Aus)
HEDGMAN (1830 London Eng)
HINCE (1900+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
HOLMES (1903 Birchip Vic Aus)
HORNIG (1900+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
HUCKS (1800s Malling Ken Eng)
HULIN (1750+ St Briavels Gls Eng)
HULIN (1833+ Singleton NSW Aus)
HUMPHRIES (1915 Casterton Vic Aus)
HUNTER (1780+ Kilwinning Ayr Sct)

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IRELAND (1850s Bermondsey Mdx Eng)

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JAMES (1900 Broken Hill NSW Aus)
JEFFREY (1800s+ Bristol Gls Eng)
JOHNS (1864+ Orange NSW Aus)

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KEANE (1830 Lim Irl)
KENNEDY (1942 Lockhart NSW Aus)
KING (1820+ Glasgow Lks Sct)
KIRGAN (1850 Sct)

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LAPPAN (1870+ Maitland NSW Aus)
LA MACCHIA (1885 Viggiano Itl)
LAMBOURNE (1799 Denchworth Brk)
LAWRENCE (1830+ Hobart Tas Aus)
LAYMAN (1830 Compton Bdf Eng)
LENNEN (1854 Ballyvaughan Cla Irl)
LUCKY (all yrs Mendooran NSW Aus)
LUDLAM (1850 Bradford Yks Eng)

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McCARTHY (-1838 Lim Irl)
McCARTHY (1839 Sydney NSW Aus)
McCARTHY (1841 Collingwood Vic Aus)
McCARTHY (c1851+ Upper Plenty Vic Aus)
McCARTHY (c1851+ Wallan Vic Aus)
McDONALD (1800+ Craigie Ayr Sct)
McDONALD (1820+ Kilmarnock Ayr Sct)
McGRATH (1863 Castletown Tip Irl)
McINTOSH / var (1800+ Croy Inv Sct)
McKELLAR (1845 Coonabarabran NSW Aus)
McLEISH (1800+ Cowra NSW Aus)
McPHEE (1900+ Geelong Vic Aus)

MALONE (1857 Templecarne Don Irl)
MALONE (1871 Grenfell NSW Aus)
MALONE (1896 Ultimo NSW Aus)
MANN (1600+ Newlyn Con Eng)
MANN (1700+ Croy Inv Sct)
MANN (1890+ Edmonton Qld Aus)
MANN (1900+ Home Hill Qld Aus)
MIDGELEY (1850 Sowerby Yks Eng)
MIDGELEY (1880 Auburn NSW Aus)
MORE (1700+ Avoch Roc Sct)
MOORE (1800+ Mendham Sfk Eng)
MOORE (1850+ Sale Vic Aus)
MOORE (1866+ London Mdx Eng)
MOORE (1940 Mayfield West NSW Aus)
MUNZEL (1860 Ballarat Vic Aus)
MURPHY (1860 Yarraville Vic Aus)
MUSTEY (1860+ Lancefield Vic Aus)

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NANCARROW (1819 Creed Con Eng)
NAPIER (1899+ Wellington NZ)
NATHAN (1840+ London Mdx Eng)
NIBLETT (1900 Bellingen NSW Aus)
NICHOLAS (1880+ Walcha NSW Aus)
NICHOLAS (all yrs Broken Hill NSW Aus)
NOBES (1800 Nfk Eng)
NUGENT (1857+ Inverell NSW Aus)

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OBRIEN (1800+ Cootehill Cav Irl)
OBRIEN (1854 Kilmore Vic Aus)
ONEILL (1870+ Wauchope NSW Aus)
ONEILL (1880+ Kyogle NSW Aus)

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PAINTER (1800 Creed Con Eng)
PARDY (1820s Guernsey ChI Eng)
PARSONS (1776 Sry Eng)
PEARDON (1875+ Emmaville NSW Aus)
PECK (1832 Lin Eng)
PETERS (1890 Mummel NSW Aus)
PETTIGREW (1952 Warwick Qld Aus)
POPE (1820 Dev Eng)
POPE (1877 Kinson Dor Eng)
PORTEOUS (1800s+ Dfs Sct)
PRINCE (1850s Dudley Sts Eng)
PYE (1850s Norwich Nfk Eng)

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QUAN (1833+ Singleton NSW Aus)

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RADFORD (1846 Ntt Eng)
READ (1870+ White Hill Vic Aus)
REID (1893+ Petersham NSW Aus)
RENOUF (1820+ St Peter Port Gsy Eng)
RICHARDS (1830s Barnstaple Dev Eng)
ROBERTS (1788 Yks Eng)
ROBERTS (1850 Sorell Tas Aus)
ROBERTS (1860 Yarraville Vic Aus)
ROBINSON (1900 Portland Vic Aus)
ROUGHSEDGE (1920+ Qld Aus)
ROWLAND (1905+ Walcha NSW Aus)
RUSSELL (1800s Lockton Nry Eng)
RYAN (1862 Donald Vic Aus)

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SALMON (1880 Hornsby NSW Aus)
SAMON (1835 Edgeworth Log Irl)
SARGENT (all yrs Broken Hill NSW Aus)
SAUNDERS (1825 Stroud Gls Eng)
SAUNDERS (1859 Jamberoo NSW Aus)
SCALLY (1826+ Elphin Ros Irl)
SCOTT (1800+ Carlisle Cul Eng)
SCOTT (1870+ Port Melbourne Vic Aus)
SHAKESPEARE (1851 Nottingham Ntt Eng)
SIM (1887 Geelong Vic Aus)
SMITH (1800 Birmingham War Eng)
SMITH (1853+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
SPINK / var (1809 Edinburgh Mln Sct)
STEVENS (1786 Con Eng)
STEVENS (1857 Fryerstown Vic Aus)
STEVENS (1865+ Emmaville NSW Aus)
SWINDLEY (1800+ Tarvin Chs Eng)

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TAYLOR (1800s Briggs Lin Eng)
TAYLOR (1820+ Kirkwell Oki Sct)
TAYLOR (1850+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
THOMAS (1800+ Rudbaxton Pem Wls)
THOMAS (1850 Guernsey ChI Eng)
THOMAS (1908+ Brisbane Qld Aus)
THOMAS (1941 Warwick Qld Aus)
THOMAS (1948+ Home Hill Qld Aus)
THOMSON (1809 Seggie Fif Sct)
THORNLEY (1860 Chisworth Dby Eng)
TOLBERT (1829 Philadelphia PA USA)
TOLLIS (1887+ Boomi NSW Aus)
TREMBLE (1860+ Wellingrove NSW Aus)


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WAKE (1800s London Mdx Eng)
WEBLIN (1820 Windsor Brk Eng)
WEBLIN (1920 Auburn NSW Aus)
WELLS (1832+ Sutton Forest NSW Aus)
WHITE (1811 Childe Dor Eng)
WHITTLE (1800+ Broadwey Dor Eng)
WIGHT (all yrs Ballarat Vic Aus)
WILLIAMS (1700+ Long Sutton Som Eng)
WILLIAMS (1860+ Adelaide SA Aus)
WILLS (1854+ Yarralumla ACT Aus)
WILSON (1874 Bindogundra NSW Aus)
WINKWORTH (1850 Kentish Town Mdx Eng)
WINSOR (1833+ Singleton NSW Aus)
WINTER (1809 Orton Wes Eng)
WOOD (1800s Keighley Wry Eng)



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