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ALEXANDER (1852 Liverpool Lan Eng)
ANDREWS (1900+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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BAKER (1835 Longford Tas Aus)
BLAKENEY (1870+ Gulgong NSW Aus)
BOHUN (-1820 Peckham Sry Eng)
BONE (-1820+ Peckham Sry Eng)
BONE (-1870+ Castlemaine Vic Aus)
BONE (-1870+ Hobart Tas Aus)
BOURKE / var (1813+ Appin NSW Aus)
BRONGER (1900+ Wellington NSW Aus)
BYRON (1860+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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CAHILL (1860+ NSW Aus)
CANN (1920+ Granville NSW Aus)
CHAPMAN (-1870+ Bairnsdale Vic Aus)
COCHRANE (1800 Tyr Irl)
COOK (1890+ Granville NSW Aus)
COOPER (-1860 Oporto Portugal)
COUSINS (1816 Brighton Ssx Eng)
COWLING (1867+ Bungonia NSW Aus)
CULLEN (1848+ Picton NSW Aus)

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DASHWOOD (1880+ Sydney NSW Aus)
DUX (-1870+ Bairnsdale Vic Aus)
DWYER (1838 Tip Irl)

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EDWARDS (1852+ Portland Vic Aus)
ELMORE (1766+ Calcutta Bengal Ind)

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FERN (1810 IoM Eng)
FLANAGAN (1850+ Wangapeka Nelson NZ)
FLAVELLE (1830+ Cav Irl)
FREEMAN (1873+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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GASKELL (1883 Chorley Lan Eng)

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HAMMOND (1827+ Irl)
HAMMOND (1869+ Bungendore NSW Aus)
HAMMOND (1898+ Goulburn NSW Aus)
HAMPSON (1795+ Wakefield Wry Eng)
HARPER (1880+ Sydney NSW Aus)
HENRY (1966 Manly NSW Aus)
HERR (1840 Mitchelstown Cor Irl)
HIRN (1860 Wue Ger)
HUNT (1810+ Coonamble NSW Aus)

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INGRAM (1804+ Six Penny Handley Dor Eng)

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JEFFREY (1853+ Braidwood NSW Aus)

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KEYS (1815 Fer Irl)
KING (1856+ Sydney NSW Aus)
KJELSBERG (1884+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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LANSLEY (1968 Bass Hill NSW Aus)
LE NORMAND (1870+ Noumea New Caledonia)
LIMBERT (1814 Lei Eng)

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McCALLUM (-1840+ Glasgow Lks Sct)
McCALLUM (-1860+ Cape Town RSA)
McKINLEY (-1840+ Rfw Sct)
McKINLEY (1842+ Whangarei NZ)

MONKLAND (1829+ Wor Eng)
MOSS (1910+ Leeds Wry Eng)

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NEWSON (1835 Willunga SA Aus)

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PALMER (1890+ Sydney NSW Aus)
PARSONS (1898+ Sydney NSW Aus)
PATTERSON (1800 Tyr Irl)
PEARSON (1890+ Leeds Wry Eng)
PLEDGER (1851+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
POUND (1882+ Kings Plains NSW Aus)
POWELL (1830 Cheltenham Gls Eng)

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ROBSON (1869 South Shields Nbl Eng)
ROWLANDS (1890+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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SANDERS (1851 Sandhurst Vic Aus)
SHARMAN (1860 Jugiong NSW Aus)
STEPHENS (1835 Con Eng)
STEVEN / var (-1800+ Thurso Cai Sct)
STEVEN / var (-1820+ Edinburgh Mln Sct)
STRANGE (1820+ Bathurst NSW Aus)

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TELFER (-1840+ Mln Sct)
TELFER (-1860+ Whangarei NZ)
TURNER (1890+ Goulburn NSW Aus)


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VEALE (1900+ Armidale NSW Aus)

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WALZ (1835 Wue Ger)
WILLIAMS (1850+ Hobart Tas Aus)
WILLOUGHBY (1900+ Hay NSW Aus)
WILSON (1911+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
WOODCOCK (1899+ Rendcombe Gls Eng)


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YOUNG (1864 Mudgee NSW Aus)


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