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ADAMS (-1850 Maulden Bdf Eng)
ASHER / USHER (1880+ Christchurch NZ)

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BAGNALL (1826 Birmingham War Eng)
BAILEY (1858+ Bath Som Eng)
BALDOCK (-1844 Kelstreen Lin Eng)
BASS (1771 Exeter Dev Eng)
BATEMAN (1744+ Mdx Eng)
BAYLEY (1846 Congleton Chs Eng)
BEALE (1825+ Tarana NSW Aus)
BETHERAS (1894+ Emmaville NSW Aus)
BEYER (1829+ Posen Pre Ger)
BLAKE (1842+ Deptford Dev Eng)
BOSWORTH (1849+ Great Storton Hun Eng)
BOWYER (-1826+ Brk Eng)
BOYLE (1860+ Tarilta Vic Aus)
BRAHAM (1851+ Warrnambool Vic Aus)
BRETT (-1859 Kik Irl)
BROWNE / var (-1880 Montpelier Lim Irl)
BROWNE / var (-1880 Redfern NSW Aus)
BUDGE (1841+ Con Eng)
BURGESS (1843+ Woodstock NSW Aus)

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CAIN (1858 Frankston Vic Aus)
CAMERON (-1840+ Dubbo NSW Aus)
CAMPBELL (1800 Kirkoswald Ayr Sct)
CARTWRIGHT (1842+ Crookwell NSW Aus)
CASHMAN (1820+ Glounthaune Cor Irl)
CASTLES (1840+ Bathurst NSW Aus)
CAVILL (1835 Sydney NSW Aus)
CHAPPLE (1720 Alphington Dev Eng)
CHARLTON (1790+ Windsor NSW Aus)
CHARLTON (1820+ Kelso NSW Aus)
CHARLTON (1830+ Tarana NSW Aus)
CHURCHER (1784+ Froyle Ham Eng)
CLAYTON (1816 Yks Eng)
CLIFT (1801+ Wil Eng)
COBLEY (1800 Maxey Nth Eng)
COLLINS (1837+ Hastings Ssx Eng)
COMLEY (1858+ Som Eng)
COX (1791 Maulden Bdf Eng)
CRANNEY (1812+ Athy Kid Irl)
CUNNINGHAM (1910+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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DEAN (-1827+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
DEVENPORT (1800s+ Carlisle Cul Eng)
DONALD (1863 Gisborne Vic Aus)
DONKIN (1775+ Wes Eng)
DOUCE / DOUSE (1793 Salfron Waldon Ess Eng)
DUNLOP (1755+ Maybole Ayr Sct)

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EASON (1842+ Deptford Dev Eng)
EGGITT (all yrs Fra, Bel, UK)
EVITT (1800+ Lisnaskea Fer Irl)

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FAIRGRIEVE (-1829 Temple Mln Sct)
FERGUSON (1800 Maybole Ayr Sct)
FISHER (c1835 Street Som Eng)
FITT (-1868 Templemore Tip Irl)
FITZGERALD (1785+ Newcastle Irl)
FITZMAURICE (1789+ Car Irl)
FLANAGAN (1880 Mt Barker SA Aus)
FLETCHER (1874+ Mount Keira NSW Aus)
FOGARTY (1850 Tramore Wat Irl)
FORBES (-1840+ Dublin Dub Irl)
FORBES (-1841 Gundaroo NSW Aus)
FRAIXIU (1829+ Posen Pre Ger)

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GALE (1860 Warialda NSW Aus)
GERLACH (1849+ Germantown Vic Aus)
GOLDS (1814 Steyning Ssx Eng)
GOLDS (1882 Mornington Vic Aus)
GORMAN (-1839 Cla Irl)
GORMAN (1840+ Sydney NSW Aus)
GUEST (1766+ Prestbury Gls Eng)

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HALL (1800+ Avenbury Hef Eng)
HALLEY (1850+ Tramore Wat Irl)
HAMLYN (1750+ Dev Eng)
HANSEN (1812+ Car Irl)
HANSEN (-1850+ Torrig Maribo Den)
HARRIS (-1782+ Feock Con Eng)
HARRIS (1860+ Adelaide SA Aus)
HAWKESFORD (1800 Birmingham War Eng)
HAWKINS (1842 Hemstead Gls Eng)
HERRING (2000+ Perth WA Aus)
HEYDON (-1841+ Kik Irl)
HIGGERSON (-1767+ Mdx Eng)
HIGGERSON (-1810+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
HOAR (1845+ Con Eng)
HODGSON (-1789+ Cul Eng)
HODGSON (1823+ Hobart Town Tas Aus)
HOLMES (1797 Sligo Sli Irl)
HOLMES (1823+central west NSW Aus)
HORTON (1840+ Sydney NSW Aus)
HORTON (1850+ Bathurst NSW Aus)
HUGHES (1800+ Manchester Lan Eng)
HUNN (1860+ Gulgong NSW Aus)

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JENKYN (1820 Gwinear Con Eng)
JENKYNS (1870 Hill End NSW Aus)

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KEARNEY (1801+ Cla Irl)
KEHOE (1838 Gorey Wex Irl)
KENNEDY (-1840+ Dubbo NSW Aus)
KENNIARD (1785+ Avenbury Hef Eng)
KERR (1800+ Lisnaskea Fer Irl)
KERSCHNER (1892 Kiandra NSW Aus)
KESWICK (-1792+ Wes, Cul Eng)
KILLEN (1842+ Irl)
KILPATRICK (1807 Aberdeen Abd Sct)

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LAMBERT (1822 Edinburgh Mln Sct)
LAMBERT (1917 Fenwick Kilmarnock Ayr Sct)
LANSKEY (1842+ Pre Ger)
LAWRENCE (1855+ Tosner Lnd Eng)
LEACH (-1840+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
LEES (1900 War Eng)
LENON (1816+ Lex Irl)
LE ROUX (1860+ Gulgong NSW Aus)
LETCHFIELD (-1678+ Bunbury Chs Eng)
LETICQ (1911 Fra)
LIMN (1800+ Poplar Mdx Eng)
LIMN (1908 Sydney NSW Aus)
LINTON (1881 Hobart Tas Aus)

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McCULLOUGH (1880+ Banbridge Dow Irl)
McGIVNEY (1805 Carvan Irl)
McLEAN (1833+ Duirnish Inv Sct)
McLEOD (1805+ Stein Isle of Skye Inv Sct)
McLOUGHLIN (1909 Cobar NSW Aus)
McPHERSON (1800 Glasgow Lks Sct)

MALCOLMSEN (1880+ Dow Irl)
MANSFIELD (-1788+ Hundon Sfk Eng)
MARKS (-1867+ Sydney NSW Aus)
MARTIN (-1789+ Little Wrattling Sfk Eng)
MEREDITH (1833+ Queanbeyan NSW Aus)
MEREDITH (1833+ Wombat NSW Aus)
MICKLEJOHN (1807 Aberdeen Abd Sct)
MILNER (1800 Bridlington Ery Eng)
MILNER (1800 Dewsbury Wry Eng)
MOLYNEAX / var (-1841 Wex Irl)
MORRIS (1820s West End Lnd Eng)
MORTON (1840 Milborne Port Som Eng)
MOSES (1901+ Forster NSW Aus)
MOUNTAIN (1862+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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NEILSON (1842+ Irl)
NEWSOME (1800 Dewsbury Wry Eng)

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OHALLORAN (1800+ Cla Irl)
OSHEA (-1780+ Borrisoleigh Tip Irl)

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PHILLIPS (1852 Sofala NSW Aus)
PLEDGER (1880 Paddington NSW Aus)
PORTAS (1800 Trusthorpe Lin Eng)
POWELL (-1852 Adelaide SA Aus)
PUDDY (1886 Kilmore Vic Aus)

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REED (1811 Slinfold Ssx Eng)
RIDOUT (1830+ Eng)
ROBERTS (-1780+ Truro Con Eng)
ROSSELLS (1800 Bel)
ROTHWELL (1820 Eaton Eng)

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SANDISON (-1916+ Orange NSW Aus)
SIMPSON (-1818 Derby Dby Eng)
SIMPSON (-1828+ Penrith NSW Aus)
SKARDON (1798 Stoke Damerel Dev Eng)
SKELDON / var (1840+ Gulgong NSW Aus)
SMITH (1802 Chickney Ess Eng)
SMITH (1860+ Gumeracha SA Aus)
SMITH (1893+ Brunswick Vic Aus)
SPELLING / var (1808+ Tip Irl)
SPINKS (1855+ Southwark Sry Eng)
SPINKS (1930+ Maitland NSW Aus)
STAFFORD (1813 Bath Som Eng)
STOCKTON (-1676+ Beeston Chs Eng)
STONE (1820s Bristol Gls Eng)
SULLIVAN (1832 Cor Irl)

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TAFT (1849 Keysoe Bdf Eng)
TAPHOUSE (1833+ Mile End Lnd Eng)
TILBURY (c1810+ Lnd, Ssx Eng)
TIMBS (c1860 Castlemaine Vic Aus)
TWIST (1842 Yackandandah Vic Aus)


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VALENTINE (1800s London Eng)
VINCENT (1800+ Barby Nth Eng)

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WAGNER (1850+ Qld Aus)
WARD (1809 Birmingham War Eng)
WARR (1850+ Beechworth Vic Aus)
WATSON (1845 Sydney NSW Aus)
WELLS (1824 Port Glasgow Rfw Sct)
WENHAM (1850 Shoreditch Mdx Eng)
WENHAM (1862 Pyramul NSW Aus)
WRIGHTSON (1830+ Dur Eng)
WYLIE (1836 Sydney NSW Aus)


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YARDY (-1835 Cam Eng)


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