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These are the surnames some of our subscribers are researching.
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Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ALEXANDER (1835+ Geelong Vic Aus)
ALEXANDER (1835+ Portland Vic Aus)
ALLEN (1803 Liverpool Lan Eng)
AUGHEY (1815 Limerick Lim Irl)
AUGHEY (1832 Tas Aus)
AUSTIN (1930 Ballarat Vic Aus)

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BEAN (-1815 Bardwell Sfk Eng)
BEHR (1819+ Belstein Rpf Ger)
BELLETT (-1770 Shoreditch Mdx Eng)
BERG (1817+ Nauroth Rpf Ger)
BLACKWELL (1840 Eyam Dby Eng)
BOLWELL (1900 Horsham Vic Aus)
BOWN (1800 Nottingham Ntt Eng)
BOWN (1856 Adelaide SA Aus)
BRANSCOMBE (-1840 Withycombe Raleigh Dev Eng)
BRANSCOMBE (1854+ Mudgee NSW Aus)
BRETT (1880 Newtown NSW Aus)
BROTHERTON (1860 Burnley Lan Eng)
BROWN (-1840+ Haddington Eln Sct)

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CHING (1830s Con Eng)
CHINN (1830s Constantine Con Eng)
COMPTON (1884 Bowen Qld Aus)
CONGLETON (-1840+ Aberlady Eln Sct)
CONNOR (1852+ Liverpool Lan Eng)
COSGRAVE (1800+ Limerick Lim Irl)
COSGROVE (1859 Arm Irl)
CROOKS (1827 Ayr Sct)
CROOKS (1855 Melbourne Vic Aus)
CROW (1860s Tally Ho Vic Aus)

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DAVID (1862 Maldon Vic Aus)
DIGGINS (1832 Torquay Dev Eng)
DIXON (c1875 Avenel Vic Aus)
DOBSON (1869 Ballarat Vic Aus)
DOBSON (1875 Bendigo Vic Aus)
DOIG (-1750+ Clunie Per Sct)
DORING (1850+ Darmstadt Ger)

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ELAM (1860 Vic Aus)
EPPLE (1841 Floheim Rpf Ger)

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FARGHER (-1825 Malew Lez IoM)

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GERARD (1839 Dapto NSW Aus)
GLENDENNING (1880+ Castlemaine Vic Aus)
GOTOBED (1800s Ely Cam Eng)

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HANNIG (1900 Horsham Vic Aus) ]
HANNIG (1900 Sea Lake Vic Aus)
HANSEN (1860s Burwood Vic Aus)
HARRIS (1900 Vic Aus)
HART (1859 Whitechapel Mdx Eng)
HEDDLE (1870+ Collingwood Vic Aus)
HENDRY (c1850 Melbourne Vic Aus)
HENRY (1900s Fremantle WA Aus)
HILL (1830s Moretonhampstead Dev Eng)
HOSFORD (-1850 Cork Cor Irl)
HOSFORD (1850+ Cockatoo Island NSW Aus)
HUDSON (1820s Calcutta India)
HULME (-1790+ Putney Mdx Eng)
HUTCHINSON (-1750+ Lime Kilns Fif Sct)

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IMRIE (c1850 Melbourne Vic Aus)
IRWIN (1840s Armagh Arm Irl)

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KELLY (1830+ Freshford Kik Irl)
KING (1890+ Caramut Vic Aus)

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LAKE (1975 Adelaide SA Aus)
LANGWELL (1830 Don Irl)
LANGWELL (1870+ Warrnambool Vic Aus)
LAWSON (1770 Greenloaning Per Sct)
LAWSON (1820 Glasgow Lks Sct)
LESLIE (-1900+ Kinlock Per Sct)
LEVY (1835+ Geelong Vic Irl)
LUKEY (1907+ Geelong Vic Aus)

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McCALLUM (-1770+ Saline Fif Sct)
McCAUSLAND (1830+ Newtown Stewart Tyr Irl)
McCULLOUGH (1900+ Warrambool Vic Aus)
McCULLY (1800+ Don Irl)
McCULLY (1855+ Warrnambool Vic Aus)
McDONALD (-1700+ Dunfermline Fif Sct)
McLEOD (1880+ Caramut Vic Aus)
McNALLY (1850+ Melbourne Vic Aus)

MARRIOTT (1918+ Maryborough Vic Aus)
MARTIN (1800s South Petherton Som Eng)
MARTIN (1880s Preston Vic Aus)
MASKELL (1840 Cla Irl)
MASKELL (1880 Manchester Lan Eng)
MIENERT (-1865 Freetz Pom Ger)
MIHAN (1860s Burwood Vic Aus)
MILLS (1866 Adelaide SA Aus)
MOFFITT (1830 Durham Dur Eng)
MONAGHAN (c1900 Sydney NSW Aus)
MONAHAN (1835 Offaly Off Irl)
MONAHAN (1866 Adelaide SA Aus)
MULCARE (1825 Limerick Lim Irl)

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OKEEFFE (1900+ Chinchilla Qld Aus)
ONEIL (1923 Killarney Ker Irl)

OFFICER (1778 York Yks Eng)
OLLIFFE (-1836 Cork Cor Irl)
OLLIFFE (1837+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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PALING (1802 Nottingham Ntt Eng)
PEACHY (1881+ St George Qld Aus)
PEDERSEN (1880+ Footscray Vic Aus)
PERRETT (-1750 North Nibley Gls Eng)
PERRETT (1839+ Raymond Terrace NSW Aus)
PETTERD (1860+ Footscray Vic Aus)
PITSON (all yrs Bagshot Sry Eng)
PRENDERGAST / var (1700s Dublin Dub Irl)
PRESTON (1911 Niagara Falls ON Can)
PRIDDLE (-1830 Kinbsbury Episcopi Som Eng)
PRIDDLE (1849+ Raymond Terrace NSW Aus)
PUNSHON (1800 Bishopwearmouth Dur Eng)
PUNSHON (1840 Sunderland Dur Eng)

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RAFF (all yrs Bernhausen Baw Ger)
REA (1830+ Killeen Dow Irl)
REA (1860+ Caramut Vic Aus)
ROMMELL (1835+ Uetersen Sho Ger)
RUNDLE (1800+ Con Eng)
RYAN (1920s Greytown Wrp NZ)
RYMER (1860+ Molong NSW Aus)

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SCANLAN (1827 Limerick Lim Eng)
SCANLAN (1865 Melbourne Vic Aus)
SCHILDT (1904 Bayern Ger)
SHADWELL (1770s Chatwell Lan Eng)
SHANAHAN (1789 Cullen Tip Irl)
SKINNER (1840s Melbourne Vic Aus)
SKINNER (1850s Parramatta NSW Aus)
SKINNER (1870s Stanley Vic Aus)
SKINNER (1930s Mosman NSW Aus)
SMITH (-1700+ Gorleston Sfk Eng)
SMITH (1827 Stanstead Ess Eng)
SMITH (1831 Durham Dur Eng)
SODEN (1852+ London Mdx Eng)
SOMMERVILLE (1780 Old Monklands Lks Sct)
STEELE (-1800+ Congleton Chs Eng)
STOCKTON (1785 Scrayingham Yks Eng)
STOLZ (-1800 Nevenstadt Baw Ger)
STOREY (1863 Bathurst NSW Aus)

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TAYLOR (1870+ Mosquito Island NSW Aus)
TRIPP (1810 Champion NY USA)
TRIPP (1850 Prahran Vic Aus)


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VALE (1760s Mdx, Sfk Eng)
VALE / var (1850s Richmond NSW Aus)
VILLIERS (1880+ Warrnambool Vic Aus)
VIZER (1915 Leongatha Vic Aus)

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WALLER (-1800+ Congleton Chs Eng)
WATLING (01812 South Ault Sfk Eng)
WEIR (1860s Lambing Flat NSW Aus)
WEIR (1860+ Hill End NSW Aus)
WILKINSON (1855 Hollins Green Lan Eng)
WILKINSON (1880s Christchurch Cby NZ)
WOLTMANN (1800s Lubeck Ger)
WOODS (1804 Liverpool Lan Eng)


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