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ACKLAND (1810 Tavistock Dev Eng)
ADAMS (1825 Swansea Gla Wls)
ALBINS / var (1822 Lin Eng)
ALEXANDER (1750 Mln Sct)
ALEXANDER (1835+ Geelong Vic Aus)
ALEXANDER (1835+ Portland Vic Aus)
ALLEN (1840s London area Mdx Eng)
ALLEN (1840s Whitchurch Bkm Eng)
ALLEN (1864+ Shorne Ken Eng)
ARKLEY (1797 Tynemouth Nbl Eng)
AUGER (1771 Beckley Oxf Eng)

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BAKER (1768+ Chalk Ken Eng)
BAKER (1781 Longbenton Nbl Eng)
BARLEY (1815 Stradbroke Sfk Eng)
BEARD (1760 Histon Cam Eng)
BEASLEY (1888 Magill SA Aus)
BERMINGHAM (1798 Kilcrumreragh Off Irl)
BOAN / var (1800+ Wig Sct)
BOARDMAN (1900+ Perth WA Aus)
BOOTH (1862 Huddersfield Wry Eng)
BRANSCOMBE (-1840 Withycombe Raleigh Dev Eng)
BRANSCOMBE (1854+ Mudgee NSW Aus)
BRINDLEY (1770+ London Mdx Eng)
BRINDLEY (1800+ Frindsbury Ken Eng)
BRINDLEY (1840+ Surry Hills NSW Aus)
BUTCHER (1807 Con Eng)
BUTTERWORTH (1845+ Don Irl)
BUTTON (1834 Kirby Ess Eng)

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CALVER (1832+ Saxmundham Sfk Eng)
CALVER (1866+ Petersham NSW Aus)
CAMERON (1880+ Richmond Vic Aus)
CAMPBELL (1800+ Newcastle NSW Aus)
CAMPBELL (1816 Aghaderg Dow Irl)
CAMPBELL (1842 Kingscourt Cav Irl)
CLARKE (1817+ Meridan War Eng)
CLOWRY (1793 Carlow Car Irl)
CLOWRY (1877 Braidwood NSW Aus)
COLEMAN (1800+ Newcastle NSW Aus)
COLTMAN (1840 Freshford Kik Irl)
COPLEY (1863 Glasgow Lks Sct)
COX (1892 Burwood Vic Aus)
CRAWFORD (1827+ Dairsie Fif Sct)
CRYMBLE (1750+ Irl)

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DALY (1838 Drogheda Lou Irl)
DANKS (1790s Dudley Sts Eng)
DAVIS (1862+ Stratford on Avon War Eng)
DE CHAVE (1874 Grafton NSW Aus)
DITCHBURN (1900 Haxbury Yks Eng)
DUFFIELD (1900s Newcastle NSW Aus)

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ELDER (1800 Mln Sct)
ELLERY (1887 Neville NSW Aus)
ENGLISH (1840 Bathurst NSW Aus)
EVANS (1800+ Swansea Gla Wls)

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FINNEGAN (1882 Coatbridge Lks Sct)
FLOATE (1700+ Kennardington Ken Eng)
FOSTER (1840s Middleton Nry Eng)

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GLEN (1861+ Petersham NSW Aus)
GOLDSMITH (1740+ Chalk Ken Eng)
GOOD (1730 Colinton Mln Sct)
GOOD (1886 NZ)
GOSSTRAY (1850+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
GREEN (1834 Douglas IoM Eng)
GROVES (1850+ Maitland NSW Aus)
GROVES (1850+ Taree NSW Aus)

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HACKET (1850 Ipswich Qld Aus)
HALE (1850 Islington Mdx Eng)
HALL (1840s Wic Irl)
HALLIDAY (1860s Araluen NSW Aus)
HALLIDAY (1870+ Newcastle NSW Aus)
HALLIGAN (1803 Dublin Dub Irl)
HAMM (1812 QC Can)
HAMMETT (1857 Morchard Bishop Dev Eng)
HAMMETT (1889 West Maitland NSW Aus)
HAMMETT (1900 South Sydney NSW Aus)
HANNEMANN (c1840 Stettin Pre Ger)
HARRIMAN (1850+ Taree NSW Aus)
HARRIMAN (1880+ Wallsend NSW Aus)
HENDRY (1807 Con Eng)
HOG / var (1770 Bew Sct)
HOSFORD (-1850 Cork Cor Irl)
HOSFORD (1850+ Cockatoo Island NSW Aus)
HUGHES (1849+ Keady Arm Irl)
HUTTON (1800 London Mdx Eng)

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JACKMAN (1830 Mdx Eng)
JAMES (1827 Con Eng)
JESSOP (1750+ Irl)
JOHNSON (1861+ Caldbeck Cul Eng)
JONES (1813+ Ham Eng)
JONES (1850 Bathurst NSW Aus)
JONES (1872 Richmond NSW Aus)
JONES (1876+ Glebe NSW Aus)

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KELLY (1852 Sydney NSW Aus)
KERR (c1860 Sydney NSW Aus)
KONINSKY (1869 Klechevy Kalisch Pol)
KONINSKY (1893 Whitechapel Mdx Eng)

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LEESON (1840s Wic Irl)
LE FEVRE (1850+ Corowa NSW Aus)
LEVY (1835+ Geelong Vic Aus)
LIVINGSTON (1884 Lanark Lks Sct)
LONE (1855 Glasgow Lks Sct)
LONG (1860+ Bathurst NSW Aus)
LYNCH (1849+ Cork Cor Irl)

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MANSELL (1800 London Mdx Eng)
MARSHALL (1700+ Branxton Nbl Eng)
MARSHALL (1716 Linlithgow Wln Sct)
MARTIN (1760+ Wittersham Ken Eng)
MAY (1820+ Chalk Ken Eng)
MERRITT (1800+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
MILLIGAN (1850+ Mundulla SA Aus)
MILLS (1788 Coldwaltham Ssx Eng)
MOLONEY (1850 Bacchus Marsh Vic Aus)
MOUSHALL (1781 Walsall Sts Eng)
MULLIN (1800+ Cork Irl)
MUSTEY (1800+ Black Bourton Oxf Eng)

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OMEARA (1864 Mt Moriac Vic Aus)

OFFORD (1836 Great Oakley Ess Eng)
OLLIFFE (-1836 Cork Cor Irl)
OLLIFFE (1837+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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PEARCE (1840+ Newcastle upon Tyne Nbl Eng)
PECK (1730+ Hibaldstow Lin Eng)
PERRETT (-1750 North Nibley Gls Eng)
PERRETT (1839+ Raymond Terrace NSW Aus)
PETTIGREW (1888 Glasgow Lks Sct)
PHILLIPS (1858 Geelong Vic Aus)
PRIDDLE (-1830 Kinbsbury Episcopi Som Eng)
PRIDDLE (1849+ Raymond Terrace NSW Aus)
PURCELL (1800+ Limerick Irl)

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RAE (1788 Bew Sct)
RAY (1815 Lowick Nbl Eng)
RAY (1825 Lilleshall Sal Eng)
REED (1861 Inverness Inv Sct)
REED (1888 North East Valley Dunedin NZ)
RICHARDS (1810 Dev Eng)
ROBERTS (1788 Yks Eng)

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SAINSBERY (1800+ Cardiff Gla Wls)
SANDRY (1870 Neville NSW Aus)
SAUNDERS (1825 Randwick Gls Eng)
SAUNDERS (1859 Jamberoo NSW Aus)
SAUNDERS (1945 Croydon NSW Aus)
SAWYER (1872 Vaucluse NSW Aus)
SIMPSON (1800 Strabone Tyr Irl)
SLINGSBY (1857 Beecroft NSW Aus)
STANLEY (1850s Sawbridgeworth Hrt Eng)
STEVENS (1821 Con Eng)
STEVENS (1857 Fryerstown Vic Aus)
STRONG (1862 Neville NSW Aus)
SURKITT (1825 Toseland Hun Eng)

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TASKER (1900+ Perth WA Aus)
THOMPSON (1750+ Cla Irl)
THOMSON (1799+ Bellie Mor Sct)
THORNTON (1840+ Wollongong NSW Aus)
THORNTON (1870+ Wallsend NSW Aus)
THORNTON (c1885 Taree NSW Aus)
THORNTON (c1885 Wingham NSW Aus)
TUOHY (1833+ Clonlea Cla Irl)

UNMACK (1850+ Melbourne Vic Aus)

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WAKE (1820s Southwark Sry Eng)
WALKER (1800+ Limerick Irl)
WALKER (1843+ Auckland NZ)
WALLACE (1814+ Lambeth Sry Eng)
WARNER (1854+ WA Aus)
WEBBER (1802 Dev Eng)
WEIR (1860+ Hill End NSW Aus)
WEIR (1860s Lambing Flat NSW Aus)
WHATMAN (1740+ Benenden Ken Eng)
WHEWAY (1865+ Drayton Bassett Sts Eng)
WILLIAMS (1857 Islington Mdx Eng)
WILSON (-1882 Glen Innes NSW Aus)
WOOD (1800 Ashfield NSW Aus)
WOOD (1850s Rapid Bay SA Aus)
WOOD (1870s Lockton Nry Eng)
WOOLDRIDGE (1817 Shelton Sts Eng)
WOOLDRIDGE (1860 Pyrmont NSW Aus)


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