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ABBOTT (1809 Bellnach Irl)
ADDISON (1930s Hawthorn Vic Aus)
ADDISON (all yrs Vic Aus)
ALLEN (1820+ Wooler Nbl Eng)
ANNISON (all yrs worldwide)
ARNOTT (1700+ Wln Sct)

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BAIN (all yrs Lisburn Ant Irl)
BARWICK (all yrs Ken Eng)
BELL (1846 Adelaide SA Aus)
BELL (all yrs Lochmaben Dfs Sct)
BERGMANSON (1893 Ljusne Garl Swe)
BERNARD (c1850 Grafton NSW Aus)
BUCHAN (-1780 Lemington Nbl Eng)
BUNTING (1821 Arm Irl)

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CAMPBELL (1700+ Sti Sct)
CHOWN (1850 Milverton Som Eng)
CLAYTON (1850 Porters Retreat NSW Aus)
COLLITS (1801 Hartley NSW Aus)
COSGROVE (1850 Fer Irl)
COUSINS (1863+ Grenfell NSW Aus)
CROMMELIN (1855+ Grenfell NSW Aus)
CUDDEYFORD / var (1837 Launceston Tas Aus)
CULVERWELL (1800 Feniton Dev Eng)
CURNICK (1887 Deloraine Tas Aus)

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DALEY / var (1822 Limerick Lim Irl)
DALEY / var (1850 Auckland NZ)
DATSON (all yrs Con Eng)
DATSON (all yrs SA Aus)
DAVIS (1859 Deloraine Tas Aus)
DAWE (1900 Norton Fitzwarren Som Eng)
DELL (1852 Gordon Vic Aus)
DE ROZARIO (1886 Madras Tamil Nadu India)
DEVARS (1800+ Kingston upon Hull Ery Eng)
DICKSON (1700+ Fif Sct)
DISNEY (1817 Sli Irl)
DIXON (1840 Myrtle Creek NSW Aus)
DONCASTER (1880s Wallsend NSW Aus)
DONNAN (all yrs Belfast Ant Irl)
DOWSETT (all yrs Finchley Mdx Eng)

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EADIE (1800+ Rfw Sct)
EDWARDS (1854 Llandudno Cae Wls)
ELLIOTT (1857+ Newcastle NSW Aus)
ELLIOTT (1877 Melbourne Vic Aus)
ELLIOTT (1879 Orange NSW Aus)
ELLIOTT (1889 Waverley NSW Aus)
EMMERSON (1850 Collector NSW Aus)

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FINES (1827 Bathurst NSW Aus)
FISHER (1828+ Grenfell NSW Aus)
FLYNN (1900 Bathurst NSW Aus)
FORD (1879 Shorne Ken Eng)
FORTH (all yrs Penshaw Dur Eng)
FROST (all yrs Sry Eng)

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GARDNER (1859 Launceston Tas Aus)
GILES–DUFFY (1880+ Darling Downs Qld Aus)

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HAGERTY (1839 Melbourne Vic Aus)
HARLAND (all yrs Houghton-Le-Spring Dur Eng)
HARRIS (1885+ Benwell Nbl Eng)
HARRISON (1948 Waverley NSW Aus)
HEALEY / var (1852 Launceston Tas Aus)
HESP (1875+ Grenfell NSW Aus)
HOLLINGSWORTH (all yrs Clavering Ess Eng)
HOLLINGSWORTH (all yrs Hertford Ess Eng)
HOSKIN (1833 St Germans Con Eng)
HUEGILL (1916 Banksia NSW Aus)
HUTCHINS (1850 Goulburn NSW Aus)

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JAFFREY / var (c1800 Alva Sti Sct)
JAMESON (-1750 Kirkoswald Cul Eng)
JAMESON (1904+ Kookynie WA Aus)
JEFFREY (1800s+ Bristol Gls Eng)
JENKINS (1852 Rocky Waterholes Vic Aus)
JOHANNES (1900 Bilaspur India)

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KELLY (1895 Bankstown NSW Aus)
KERMOND (1837 Parramatta NSW Aus)
KIRWIN (1848 Wic Irl)

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LAYBURN (1821 Otley Wry Eng)
LEARMONT (1889 Wagga Wagga NSW Aus)
LEITCH (all yrs Kirkcaldy Fif Sct)
LILLEY (1800s+ Yaxley Hun Eng)
LINDOW (1760+ Kappothaw Lan Eng)

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McDONALD (1887 Ballarat Vic Aus)
McGREGOR (c1850 Airdrie Lks Sct)
McGREGOR (-1873 Ipswich Qld Aus)
McKELL (1818 Dunoon and Kilmun Arl Sct)

MALTMAN (c1800 Alva Sti Sct)
MALTMAN (-1870 New Monkland Lks Sct)
MALTMAN (c1875+ Newcastle NSW Aus)
MOORE (1811 Ash Ken Eng)
MORRIS (1837 Coventry War Eng)
MOULDEY (1841 Richmond Vic Aus)
MUCHAMORE (1800 Harberton Dev Eng)

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NEWMAN (1837 Launceston Tas Aus)
NICHOLLS (1928 Banksia NSW Aus)
NICHOLLS (1956 Dulwich Hill NSW Aus)
NOON (1875 Cheltenham Vic Aus)

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OCONNEL (1889 Launceston Tas Aus)
OCONNELL (1835 Michelstown Cor Irl)
OCONNELL (1865 Auckland NZ)
OCONNOR (1913 Newtown NSW Aus)

OLIVER (1850 Ticehurst Ssx Eng)

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PEEL (all yrs Newcastle upon Tyne Nbl Eng)
PERRIMAN (1800 Ottery St Mary Dev Eng)
PERRIMAN (1863 Wagga Wagga NSW Aus)
PORTEOUS (1700+ Dfs Sct)
POSTLETHWAITE (1760 Osmotherley Lan Eng)

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ROBERTS (1880s+ Manchester Lan Eng)
ROBERTSON (1912 Temora NSW Aus)
RUTHVEN (all yrs Kirkcaldy Fif Sct)
RYGATE (1859+ Grenfell NSW Aus)

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SAUNDERS (1874 Albury NSW Aus)
SCHARER (all yrs Zurich Cs)
SIMMONDS (all yrs Launceston Tas Aus)
SLOMAN (1840 Milverton Som Eng)
SMITH (1831 Sydney NSW Aus)
SMITH (1850 Auckland NZ)
SMOOTHY (1784 Rede Ssx Eng)
STARR (1948 Leichhardt NSW Aus)
STEELE (all yrs Swe)
STEPHENS (1814 Cav Irl)
STRACEY (1860 Bangalore India)

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TAYLOR (1865+ Grenfell NSW Aus)
THOMSON (1871+ Grenfell NSW Aus)
TOMKINS (1814 Wic Irl)
TRAFFORD (1807 Horspath Oxf Eng)
TURNER (1910 Orange NSW Aus)


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WAKELING (1811 Great Braxted Ess Eng)
WARREN (1800 Norton Fitzwarren Som Eng)
WATSON (c1900 Kookynie WA Aus)
WEBBER (1850s+ Darling Downs Qld Aus)
WEEKS (1850 Goulburn NSW Aus)
WHITING (1832 Bodmin Con Eng)


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