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These are the surnames some of our subscribers are researching.
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Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ALDERSON (1750+ Yks Eng)
ANDERSON (1807 Upstreet Ken Eng)
ANDERSON (1834 Tunbridge Wells Ken Eng)
ANDREWS (1860 Pilton Som Eng)
ARMANASCO (1914+ East Coolgardie WA Aus)
ASHER (1880+ Christchurch NZ)

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BAGNALL (1830 Cashel Tip Irl)
BAINES (1808+ Stamford Lin Eng)
BAXTER (1826 Per Sct)
BAYLISS (1874 Cirencester Gls Eng)
BIRD (1955+ Perth WA Aus)
BOARDMAN (1900+ Perth WA Aus)
BOSTON (1800+ Dow Irl)
BRAHAM (1851+ Warrnambool Vic Aus)
BRENT (1900 Hobart Tas Aus)
BRIDGER (1830 Kurrajong NSW Aus)
BROOKES (-1864 Gosford NSW Aus)
BRYMER (1811 Bay of Biscay)
BUDGE (1800+ Dunolly Vic Aus)
BURGE (1850+ Castlemaine Vic Aus)
BURNHAM (1800 Henley Oxf Eng)
BUSTEED (1600+ Cor Irl)

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CAMP (1906 Broken Hill NSW Aus)
CANAVAN (1931 Brisbane Qld Aus)
CANAVAN (1931 Maryborough Qld Aus)
CARRIGG (1845+ Ennis Cla Irl)
CHAFFEY (1837 Montacute Som Eng)
CHAPMAN (1814 Mdx Eng)
CHARLEY (1867 Killorglin Ker Irl)
CHARLTON (1800+ Nbl Eng)
CHESTERS (1875 Lake Rowan Vic Aus)
CLANCY (1854 Adelaide SA Aus)
CLEARY (1840+ Belfast Irl)
COOPER (1880 Chiltern Valley Vic Aus)
COTTER (1700+ Cor Irl)
CROWE (1840 Glenacross Cla Irl)
CURTIS (1800+ Salisbury Wil Eng)

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DALEY (1800+ Sydney NSW Aus)
DALEY / var (all yrs Hotham Vic Aus)
DALEY / var (all yrs Yea Vic Aus)
DONKIN (1775+ Wes Eng)
DONLEVY (1820+ Cliffoney Sli Irl)
DONLEVY (1885+ Sydney NSW Aus)
DORAN (1870 Ipswich Qld Aus)
DOUGLAS (1825 Glasgow Lks Sct)
DUTTON (1900+ Canterbury NSW Aus)
DWYER (1858 Dublin Irl)

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ELLIOTT (1820+ Jedburgh Rox Sct)
EVANS (1850+ Ballarat Vic Aus)

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FARQUHAR (1807 Duddington Mln Sct)
FITZGERALD (1785+ Newcastle Irl)
FORD (1814+ Cla Irl)
FORD (1851 Marion SA Aus)
FORD (1925 Broken Hill NSW Aus)
FORRESTER (1750+ London Mdx Eng)
FURLEY (1801 Birmingham War Eng)

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GLENNON (1840 Kilskyre Mea Irl)
GREEN (1830+ Worthing Ssx Eng)
GREEN (1870 Sydney NSW Aus)
GUMBLETON (1600+ Cor Irl)
GUNN (1900+ Mt Wilson NSW Aus)

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HALL (1800+ Avenbury Hef Eng)
HALLOWELL (1825+ North Shields Nbl Eng)
HAMLYN (1790+ Drewsteighton Dev Eng)
HANLEY (1920+ Newtown NSW Aus)
HANSEN (1800+ Den)
HARMS (-1885 Ger)
HARMS (-1885 NL)
HARMS (1885+ NZ)
HARRIS (1866 Tam OShanter Belt SA Aus)
HARRISON (1900 Broken Hill NSW Aus)
HARRISON (1935 Adelaide SA Aus)
HENRY (1840 Karnacross Mea Irl)
HICKEY (1893 Coonamble NSW Aus)
HICKEY (1899+ Perth WA Aus)
HIGGINS (1840 Windsor NSW Aus)
HOARE (1840+ London Mdx Eng)
HOBBINS (-1844 Parsonstown Off Irl)
HOCKEY (1836 Montacute Som Eng)
HODGSON (1933+ Perth WA Aus)
HOLMSEN (1946+ Perth WA Aus)
HOURIGAN (all yrs Kilmore Vic Aus)
HOURIGAN (all yrs Kyneton Vic Aus)
HOURIGAN (all yrs Nagambie Vic Aus)
HOURIGAN (all yrs Trentham Vic Aus)
HOURIGAN (all yrs Walhalla Vic Aus)
HOURIGAN (all yrs Wallan Wallan Vic Aus)
HUGO (1860 Sandon Vic Aus)
HUNTER (1800+ Nbl Eng)
HUNTER (1900+ Maryborough Qld Aus)
HYLLIA (1820 Parramatta NSW Aus)

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JEPHSON (1600+ Cor Irl)

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KAVANAGH (1850 Gumeracha SA Aus)
KEARNEY / var (1801+ Cla Irl)
KEATING (1800 Galbally Tip Irl)
KELLY (1829+ Paisley Rfw Sct)
KELLY (all yrs Broadford Vic Aus)
KELLY (all yrs Kilmore Vic Aus)
KENDRICK (1899 Parramatta NSW Aus)
KENDRICK (1902 Granville NSW Aus)
KENNARD / var (1785+ Avenbury Hef Eng)
KENNEDY (all yrs Benalla Vic Aus)
KENNEDY (all yrs Wangaratta Vic Aus)
KENNEY (1861 Ipswich Qld Aus)
KERRIN (1864 Inniskillen Fer Irl)
KNIGHTON (1800 Great Gidding Hun Eng)

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LAMBERT (1900+ Perth WA Aus)
LAVERACK (1800+ Hull Yks Eng)
LE FEVRE (1850+ Corowa NSW Aus)
LOW (1872 Glasgow Lks Sct)

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McCULLOUGH (1880+ Banbridge Dow Irl)
McLARTY (1915+ East Coolgardie WA Aus)
McMAHON (1883 Adelaide SA Aus)
McMANUS (1861 Knockinny Fer Irl)

MADDEN (1860 Melbourne Vic Aus)
MAGARRY / var (1800+ Dow Irl)
MALCOLMSEN (1880+ Dow Irl)
MARSHALL (1871 Dover Ken Eng)
MARTIN (1800 Ludgvan Con Eng)
MAY (1840 Prestonpans Mln Sct)
MEMORY (1820 Ludgvan Con Eng)
MIEHLKE (1894+ Pasewark Wpr Ger)
MOONEY (1850 Ruan Gal Irl)
MOORE (1800+ Wem Irl)
MOTT (1762+ Cubbington War Eng)
MULLIN (1850+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
MUSTEY (1850+ Rochester Vic Aus)

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OBRIEN (1820 Glouthaline Cor Irl)
OBRIEN (1863 Parramatta NSW Aus)
ODONAVON (1862 Carlton Vic Aus)
OHALLORAN (1880+ Cla Irl)

ORR (1800+ Paisley Rfw Sct)
OWEN (1785+ London Mdx Eng)

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PARTRIDGE (1815 Southgate Mdx Eng)
PEACHY (1800+ Cam Eng)
PEDLER (1900+ East Coolgardie WA Aus)
PEKEN (all yrs Whittlesea Vic Aus)
PLEDGER (1851 Melbourne Vic Aus)
POOLE (1780 Wells Som Eng)

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RABBETT (1881 Adelaide SA Aus)
RAMSAY (1750+ Cul Eng)
REDSHAW (1818 Kings Cliffe Nth Eng)
REID (1799+ Kirkhill Sct)
REID (1839+ Breadalbane NSW Aus)
ROBBINS (1815+ Aston War Eng)
ROBINSON (1800+ Sydney NSW Aus)
RODGER (1894 Kensington SA Aus)
RYAN (1845 Off Irl)

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SAINSBERY (1850+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
SAWKINS (1800+ Ken Eng)
SAXBY (1800+ Battle Ssx Eng)
SCHWARZROCK (1883+ Maryborough Qld Aus)
SCOTT (1845+ Jedburgh Rox Sct)
SHULER (1700+ Cor Irl)
SMITH (c1832+ Birmingham War Eng)
SMITH (all yrs Echuca Vic Aus)
SMITH (all yrs Kilmore Vic Aus)
SMYTHE (1870 Kilskyre Mea Irl)
SPEAKMAN (1810+ Lyng Nfk Eng)
STAITE (1840 Vic Aus)
SYMONDS (1950+ Glenbrook NSW Aus)

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TAYLOR (1840 Vic Aus)
TAYLOR (1840+ Wollombi NSW Aus)
TAYLOR (1859 Melbourne Vic Aus)
TAYLOR (1900 Peak Hill NSW Aus)
THOROUGHGOOD (1930 Sydney NSW Aus)
TOOMEY aka CURRIE (1818 Bay of Biscay)


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VINCENT (1800+ Barby Nth Eng)  

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WAGNER (1880+ Oberzell Hes Ger)
WASCHKAU (1895+ Brunan Wpr Ger)
WATERWORTH (1840+ Leeds Yks Eng)
WELLINGTON (1920+ Perth WA Aus)
WILSON (1800+ Haddington Eln Sct)
WORMALD (1900+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
WRIGHTSON (1830+ Nth Eng)


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YOURN (1860 Yandoit Vic Aus)

ZIMMERMAN (1866 Tam OShanter Belt SA Aus)

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