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ACKLAND (1800s Curry Rival Som Eng)
ADAMS (-1845 Devonport Dev Eng)
ALLEN (1840s London Sry Eng)
ANDERSDOTTER (1886+ Sydney NSW Aus)
ANDERSON (1763 Strichen Abd Sct)
ANDERSON (1842 Strichen Abd Sct)
ANDERSON (1864+ Swe)
ANDERSON (1886+ Sydney NSW Aus)
ANDREWS (1820 Dorestone Hef Eng)
ARGALL (1790+ St Agnes Con Eng)
ATKINS (1871 River Don Tas Aus)
ATKINS (1887 Port Macquarie NSW Aus)

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BALFOUR (1850+ Oakenshaw Dur Eng)
BARLEY (1800s Whitchurch Bkm Eng)
BARNES (1831 Wisborough Ssx Eng)
BEHNER / var (1830+ Liverpool OH USA)
BELL (1805 Poyntzpass Arm Irl)
BETTS (1853 Parramatta NSW Aus)
BLACKMAN (-1840 Bexley Ken Eng)
BOND (1800s Camberwell Sry Eng)
BOSSWARD (1840s West Bromwich Sts Eng)
BRANSGROVE (1850+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
BROWN (1700+ Broadwey Dor Eng)
BUNCE (1815 Sydenham Oxf Eng)

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CALDWELL (1850+ Balgownie NSW Aus)
COOKE–HILL (1900 Wor Eng)
COOPER (1790+ Ntt Eng)

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DALBY (1847 Newcastle NSW Aus)
DALGARDNO (1784 Strichen Abd Sct)
DANKS (1800s Aston War Eng)
DA SILVA (1860s+ Venice Itl)
DEVLIN (1771 Redcross Wic Irl)
DWYER (1850s+ Cashel Tip Irl)

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FIRTH (1917 Port Macquarie NSW Aus)
FOOTE (1857+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
FRANCIS (1797 Parramatta NSW Aus)

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GALLAGHER (1859+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
GARSIDE (1870+ South Crosland Wry Eng)
GAVIN (1870+ Wollongong NSW Aus)
GILBY (1790+ Islington Mdx Eng)
GORDON (1700+ Keith Ban Sct)
GORRINGE (1843 Carcoar NSW Aus)
GRADY (1846 Queanbeyan NSW Aus)
GRANT (1720 Gardenstown Ban Sct)
GREEN (1850+ Little Para SA Aus)
GREEN (1853+ Williamstown Vic Aus)
GREEN (-1920 Hurley Brk Eng)
GREIG (1880 Invercargill NZ)
GRIFFIN (1806+ Hackney Mdx Eng)

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HALLING (1820 London Mdx Eng)
HAMS (1800s Godmersham Ken Eng)
HAWKINS (1780+ Southampton Ham Eng)
HAYDON (1830+ Bethnal Green Mdx Eng)
HEINE (1861 Jericho Vic Aus)
HOGGARD (1875 Hull Yks Eng)
HOLLIER (1815 Sydenham Oxf Eng)
HOLLIS (1805 Brize Norton Oxf Eng)
HOLLIS (1855 Port Sorell Tas Aus)
HUCKS (1800s Plaxtol Ken Eng)

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JOHNSTONE (1911 Burnie Tas Aus)
JONES (1830 Bristol Gls Eng)
JONES (1856 Maitland NSW Aus)
JORDAN (1877 Hull Yks Eng)

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KERR (1810+ Hamilton Lks Sct)
KING (1850 Speymouth Mor Sct)

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LONG (-1860 Exeter Dev Eng)
LUNN (1790+ Ripon Yks Eng)
LUNN (1853+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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McFARLANE (1850+ Armadale Wln Sct)
McKINNON (-1837 Isle of Skye Inv Sct)
McLAUGHLAN (1860s+ Armagh Arm Irl)
McPHEE (all yrs Isle of Skye Inv Sct)

MACKINTOSH (1790 Croy Inv Sct)
MADDISON (1811+ Wolsingham Dur Eng)
MANN (1700+ Paul Con Eng)
MANN (1790+ Croy Inv Sct)
MATHIESON (1836 Auchterless Abd Sct)
MELLOR (1850 South Crosland Wry Eng)
MORE (1700+ Avoch Roc Sct)
MOSTYN (1790 London Eng)
MURDOCH (-1769 Per Sct)

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NAGEL (1900 Kooyong Vic Aus)
NORRIS (-1860 Kingston-upon-Hull Ery Eng)
NORRIS (-1900 Sydney NSW Aus)

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OBRIEN (1833 Cootehill Cav Irl)

OLDHAM (1859 Macclesfield Chs Eng)

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PARSONS (1840+ Launceston Tas Aus)
PETRIE (1843 Strichen Abd Sct)
PITTS (1877 Newcastle NSW Aus)
PRINCE (1840s Tipton Sts Eng)
PYE (1840s Hull Lin Eng)

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RAYNOR / var (1847 Kirton Lin Eng)
RICHARDS (1800s East Down Dev Eng)
ROSE (1720 Croy Nai Sct)
RUSSELL (1875 Greenwich Eng)
RYAN (1850s+ Tip Irl)
RYAN (1860s+ Stawell Vic Aus)

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SCOTT (1787 Forgue Abd Sct)
SILVER (1860s+ Venice Itl)
SIMPSON (1808 North Walshaw Nfk Eng)
SMITH (1820+ Lambeth Sry Eng)
SPARKES (1796+ Sydney NSW Aus)
SPONG / var (-1870 Guildford, Bisley Ken Eng)
STACEY (1835 Uxbridge Mdx Eng)
STANLEY (1800s Rotherhithe Sry Eng)
STAPLES (1834 Sydney NSW Aus)
STARK (-1839 Glasgow Lks Sct)
STEWART (-1900 Bathgate Wln Sct)
SWINDLEY (1700+ Waverton Chs Eng)
SWINDLEY (1870+ Mareeba Qld Aus)

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TALBERG (1860+ Fin)
TALBERG (1883+ Sydney NSW Aus)
TALLBERG (1860+ Fin)
TALLBERG (1883+ Sydney NSW Aus)
TAYLOR (1840+ Parramatta NSW Aus)


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VANHAM (1800+ Islington Mdx Eng)

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WAKE (1786 Tatchbury Ham Eng)
WATSON (1845 Laceby Lin Eng)
WATT (1720 Gardenstown Ban Sct)
WELLS (1820 Trowbridge Wil Eng)
WHITTLE (1700+ Broadwey Dor Eng)
WHITTLE (1839+ Tam O'Shanter SA Aus)
WHYATT (1870s Sandford Vic Aus)
WILLIAMS (1856+ Brownhill Creek SA Aus)
WILLIAMSON (-1860 Portsmout Ham Eng)
WISEMAN (1720 Gardenstown Ban Sct)
WITHERS (1850 Melbourne Vic Aus)
WOOD (1840s Lockton Nry Eng)


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