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Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ABBS (1840 Norwich Nor Eng)
ABBS (1840 Young NSW Aus)
ALLEN (1840+ Cranbourne Vic Aus)
ALLEN (1880+ Ringarooma Tas Aus)
ALLERTON (c1750 Killashandra Cav Irl)
ALLERTON (c1860 New Jersey NJ USA)
AUTON (1715+ Nry Eng)
AUTON (1860+ Ringarooma Tas Aus)

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BABINGTON (1700+ Tyr Irl)
BABINGTON (1830+ Hobart Tas Aus)
BAILEY (1803 London Mdx Eng)
BAILEY (1879 Cooma NSW Aus)
BARR (1920+ Winnipeg MB Can)
BARRETT (1895+ Hunters Hill NSW Aus)
BARRETT (1899+ Raglan Vic Aus)
BARTLETT (c1830 Cam Eng)
BARTLETT (1851 Waterloo NSW Aus)
BODILL (1851 Tas Aus)
BODILL (1851 Vic Aus)
BOWER (all yrs Yks Eng)
BROMLEY (1900+ Kogarah NSW Aus)
BROWN (1870+ Wallsend area NSW Aus)
BROWN (1910+ Stanford Merthyr NSW Aus)
BUGDEN (1920+ Burwood NSW Aus)
BURRIDGE (1936 Gympie Qld Aus)

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CALDWELL (1905 Gympie Qld Aus)
CAMERON (1862 Prahran Vic Aus)
CANNON (1860+ Greendale Vic Aus)
CASHMAN (1820+ Glouthaune Cor Irl)
CASTLES (1830+ Jerrybang NSW Aus)
CHALKER / var (1803+ Hawkesbury NSW Aus)
CHALKER / var (1825 South Creek NSW Aus)
CHALKER / var (1910 Taralga NSW Aus)
CLOWRY (1793 Carlow Car Irl)
CORRIGAN (-1860 Enniskillen Fer Irl)
CORRIGAN (1860+ Tvy Wld NZ)
CORRIGAN (1890+ Zeehan Tas)
CRANNEY (1812+ Athy Kid Irl)
CRUMP (1788 Swanscombe Ken Eng)

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DALRYMPLE (1915 Spotswood Vic Aus)
DALRYMPLE (1920 Frankston Vic Aus)
DAVIS (c1808 Great Marlow Bkm Eng)
DAVIS (c1920 Bulli NSW Aus)
DAWSON (all yrs Arm Irl)
DEED (1800+ Hammersmith Mdx Eng)
DEED (1830+ Adelaide SA Aus)
DELBRIDGE (-1850 St Agnes Con Eng)
DELBRIDGE (1850+ Fitzroy Vic Aus)
DONNELLY (-1845 Cav Irl)
DONNELLY (1847+ Oatlands area Tas Aus)
DONNELLY (1880+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
DRAPER (1920+ Kurri Kurri NSW Aus)
DUNPHY (-1850 Coolkerry Lex Irl)
DUNPHY (1850+ Bright area Vic Aus)

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EVEREST (c1784 Horton Kirby Ken Eng)

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FARMER (1880 Gympie Qld Aus)

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GEISSLER (1870 Maryborough Qld Aus)
GOODWIN (1920+ Vic Aus)
GORMLEY (1800+ Gls Eng)
GREEN (1789 Newark on Trent Dby Eng)
GROHN (1925 Maryborough Qld Aus)

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HANNAN / var (1940 Campsie NSW Aus
HARLOW (1874 Renhold Eng)
HASSELBACK (1870 Maryborough Qld Aus)
HAWTHORN (1820+ Ayr Sct)
HENDERSON (1932 Kurri Kurri NSW Aus)
HEYHOE (c1850 Swaffham Eng)
HICKS (1860+ Wallsend NSW Aus)
HINCKS (1860+ Wallsend area NSW Aus)
HOADLEY (1816 Greenhithe Ken Eng)
HUNT (1920+ Kurri Kurri NSW Aus)

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KEHOE (1838+ Gorey Wex Irl)
KEMPE (1900 Kangaroo Point Qld Aus)
KERNKE (1919 Biggenden Qld Aus)
KIKHOFEL (1919 Maryborough Qld Aus)
KNIGHT (c1778 Hatherleigh Dev Eng)
KNIGHT (c1880 Glebe NSW Aus)

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LAING (1860+ Newcastle area NSW Aus)
LANG (1860+ Newcastle area NSW Aus)
LESAAD (c1850 Bethnal Green Mdx Eng)
LIMN (1800+ Poplar Mdx Eng)
LIMN (1908+ Sydney NSW Aus)
LLOYD (-1855 Ess Eng)
LLOYD (1855+ north & north-west Tas Aus)
LYALL (1919+ Ashfield NSW Aus)

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McINNES (c1820 Sleat Isle of Skye Inv Sct)
McINNES (1837 Picton NSW Aus)
McLAUGHLAN (1860 Rocky River NSW Aus)
McRAE (1893 Qld Aus)

MAGARRY (1920 Toowoomba Qld Aus)
MANN (1857 Camden NSW Aus)
MELLISH (1775 Dev Eng)
MILLAR (1900+ Bethanga Vic Aus)
MORRIS (1880+ Leichhardt NSW Aus)
MULLALY (1905 Gympie Qld Aus)
MUSTY (1823 Ebley Gls Eng)

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ORR (all yrs Glasgow Lks Sct)

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PENNEY (1740+ Poole Dor Eng)
PENNEY (1850+ Adelaide SA Aus)
PERCIVAL (1816 Northampton Nth Eng)
PERRY (1830+ Jerrybang NSW Aus)
POHLMANN (1880 Tiaro Qld Aus)

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RAMAGE (1942 Weston NSW Aus)
ROTH (1865 Gayndah Qld Aus)
ROXBY (1886 Wollongong NSW Aus)
ROXBY (1900 Wallsend NSW Aus)
RUMSEY (1840+ Stradbroke Sfk Eng)
RUMSEY (1911+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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SANDERSON (1913 Gympie Qld Aus)
SAUNDERS (1825 Randwick Gls Eng)
SAUNDERS (1859 Jamberoo NSW Aus)
SCHMARR (1860 Oakdale NSW Aus)
SCHMARR (1950 Granville NSW Aus)
SIMPSON (all yrs Yks Eng)
SKYRING (1880 Gympie Qld Aus)
SMITH (-1850 Bdf Eng)
SMITH (1855+ Waterloo area Vic Aus)
SMITH (1860 Loanhead Mln Sct)
SMITH (1867 Pilliga NSW Aus)
SMITH (-1886 Ilkeston Dby Eng)
SMITH (1986 Dee Why NSW Aus)
SPROAT (1908 Carlton Vic Aus)
SYLVESTER (1890 Biggenden Qld Aus)

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TAIT (1880 Newcastle NSW Aus)
TATE (1890 Newcastle NSW Aus)
TATTERSALL (1881 Dukinfield Chs Eng)
THOMPSON (1800+ Muswellbrook NSW Aus)
TOWNS (-1837 Polstead Sfk Eng)
TOWNS (1837+ Campbell Town area Tas Aus)


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WALKER (1891 Deptford Mdx Eng)
WATSFORD (1839 Parramatta NSW Aus)
WHELAN (1940 Merrylands NSW Aus)
WHYSALL (1860+ Maitland NSW Aus)
WILSON (1877 Curragh Camp Kid Irl)
WILSON (1939+ Pymble NSW Aus)


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