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These are the surnames some of our subscribers are researching.
Do you have any of them in your family tree?

If you do, you should contact the submitter to see if there is a family connection
(see below)

Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ANTROBUS (1797+ Elton Chs Eng)
ASHTON (1850+ Rockley NSW Aus)

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BENNETT (1850+ Sofala NSW Aus)
BEULKE (all yrs worldwide)
BOURKE (1890+ Inverell NSW Aus)
BRISCOE (1821+ Thornton le Moors Chs Eng)
BRISCOE (1858+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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CAMPBELL (c1851 Tullamarine Vic Aus)
CARTER (1700+ Dublin Dub Irl)
CARTER (-1755 Annaghkeene Gal Irl)
CASEY (1825+ Cor Irl)
CLARKE (1869+ Dubbo NSW Aus)
CLARKE (1903+ Auburn NSW Aus)
CRAWLEY (1877+ Qld Aus)
CROWE (1980 Armadale WA Aus)
CUBIS (all yrs worldwide)

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DAVIS (1906+ Aus)
DAY (1850+ Albury NSW Aus)
DIXON (c1857 Lancefield Vic Aus)
DIXON (1890+ Corowa NSW Aus)
DRINAN (1815+ Cork Cor Irl)
DUNN (-1860 Dublin Dub Irl)

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EKINS (1790+ Ware Hrt Eng)
EYRE (1980 Hervey Bay Qld Aus)

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FEIGHN (1850+ Irl)

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GRIMSHAW (1840+ Lan Eng)

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HALL (1485+ Lei Eng)
HALL (1825+ Port Stephens NSW Aus)
HANDFORTH (1868 Walhalla Vic Aus)
HARDIE (1882+ Sydney NSW Aus)
HARPER (-1774 Bristol Eng)
HAYMAN (1876+ Windsor NSW Aus)
HEGARTY (all yrs Kilrea Ldy Irl)
HENRY (1881 Walhalla Vic Aus)
HILL (1850s+ Bathurst NSW Aus)
HORMANN (1880+ North Sydney NSW Aus)
HOWARD (1981 St Kilda Vic Aus)

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IRELAND (1835+ Eldersfield Wor Eng)
IVORY (1820+ Cor Irl)

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JACKSON (1841+ Sydney NSW Aus)
JOBSON (1874+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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KERSCHNER (1800 Aus)
KRAFT (1890 Kapunda SA Aus)

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LEE (1850+ Sofala NSW Aus)
LITTLE (1820+ Glasgow Lks Sct)
LOFTUS (1859+ Hartley NSW Aus)

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MACARTHUR (1980 Point Piper NSW Aus)
MARKBY (-1825 Ess Eng)
MITCHELL (-1863 Perranzabuloe Con Eng)
MOON (1981 St Kilda Vic Aus)
MOONIE (-1860 Alloa Clk Sct)
MUDIE (1904+ Dubbo NSW Aus)
MUXLOW (1820+ Lin Eng)

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ONEILL (1876+ Hokitikea NZ)

OAKLEY (1840 Yass NSW Aus)
OAKLEY (1852 Bendigo Vic Aus)
OAKLEY (1963 Couridjah NSW Aus)
OLDFIELD (-1850 Dur Eng)
OLDFIELD (-1850 Bradford Wry Eng)
OLIVER (-1820 Hef Eng)
OLIVER (1870s+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
OLVER (1870s+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
OWEN (1856+ Newcastle NSW Aus)

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PARKER (1853 Castlemaine Vic Aus)
PARKER (1870 Bendigo Vic Aus)
PAYNE (1828 Yass NSW Aus)
PEARSON (1874+ Richmond NSW Aus)
PHILLIPS (1899+ Windsor NSW Aus)

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RADFORD (1880+ all yrs NZ)
ROONEY (1850+ NSW Aus)

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SPENCER (1860 Bendigo Vic Aus)

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TATNELL (1907+ Sydney NSW Aus)
THRUCHLY (1890+ Sydney NSW Aus)


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WALLACE (1937 South Yarra Vic Aus)
WRITER (1890+ Binda NSW Aus)


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ZARON (all yrs Warsaw WA Pol)

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