This months Surname Register

These are the surnames some of our subscribers are researching.
Do you have any of them in your family tree?

If you do, you should contact the submitter to see if there is a family connection
(see below)

Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ADAMS (1700+ Sibsey Lin Eng)
ARKINSTALL (all yrs worldwide)
ASPALAND (1700+ Sibsey Lin Eng)

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BACON (-1800+ London Eng)
BALDWIN (-1800+ Fethard Tip Irl)
BALFOUR (1900 Wagga Wagga NSW Aus)]
BAMPTON (1813 London Eng)
BANHAM (1860+ Forbes NSW Aus)
BARKER (1737 Anstey Hrt Eng)
BENHAM (1860+ Forbes NSW Aus)
BRASIER (1600+ London Eng)
BRIERLEY / var (1700+ Manchester Lan Eng)
BROWNHILL (1744+ Cropwell Bishop Ntt Eng)
BULLEN (1900 Uralla NSW Aus)
BURNS (1890+ Clunes Vic Aus)
BUSWELL (1700+ West Haddon Nth Eng)

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CAVAN (-1800+ Kirkmaiden Wig Sct)
CHANDLER (1750+ Bristol Gls Eng)
CLARK (1933 Roma Qld Aus)
CONDIE (1807 Dysart Fif Sct)
CONNORS (c1816 Tip Irl)
COOK (1817 Braughing Hrt Eng)
COTTER (1860+ Forbes NSW Aus)
COTTER (1860+ Goulburn NSW Aus)
CROMACK / var (1700+ Macclesfield Lan Eng)

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DEADMAN (1910+ Auckland NZ)
DOBBIE (-1800+ Dunbar Eln Sct)
DUNCAN (1823 Kilmichael Arl Sct)

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ELDER (1775 St Andrews Fif Sct)
EMMERSON (1858 Brancaster Nfk Eng)
EYERS (1750+ Manchester Lan Eng)

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FINCH (1700+ London Eng)
FRYER (1890 Tamworth NSW Aus)

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GILLIES (-1800+ Glassary Arl Sct)
GOLDSMITH (1894+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
GORDON (1809 Burnt Island Fif Sct)
GREENWOOD (1700+ Knipton Lei Eng)
GRIX (1814 Burnham Westgate Nfk Eng)

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HARROP (1750+ Knipton Lei Eng)
HAYES (1810 Tip Irl)
HILL (1745 Kingsbarns Fif Sct)
HUBBLE (1856 Vic Aus)
HUNTLY (1852+ Macarthur Vic Aus)

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JARMAN (1792+ Heathfield Ssx Eng)
JARVIS (1924 Peterborough Vic Aus)
JOHNSON (1853+ Den)

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KEATES (1850+ Port Fairy Vic Aus)
KELLY (1860+ Ryde NSW Aus)
KELLY (1890+ Molong NSW Aus)
KINNEY (1800+ Preston Lan Eng)
KINNEY (1850+ Hull Yks Eng)
KLEINDIENST (1900 Armidale NSW Aus)
KLEINDIENST (1900 Uralla NSW Aus)
KNOWLES (1794+ Old Swinford Wor Eng)

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LACKEY (1859+ Guyra NSW Aus)
LACKEY (1859+ Sydney NSW Aus)
LATHAM (1920 Canowindra NSW Aus)
LOADSMAN (1800 London Eng)
LONG (-1922 Ballentarsin Vic Aus)

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MacEWEN / var (-1800+ Greenock Rfw Sct)
McINNES (1890+ Port Fairy Vic Aus)
McINTYRE (1836 Balliobourough Cav Irl)
McKEEVER (1700+ Enniskeen Mea/Cav Irl)

MARTIN (1900 Glen Innes NSW Aus)
MARTIN (1900 Uralla NSW Aus)
MEADEN (1878+ Ararat Vic Aus)
MORRIS (1700+ Croxton Kerrial Lei Eng)
MORTIMER (1821+ Lower Winchendon Bkm Eng)
MULLIGAN (1900 Parkes NSW Aus)
MULLIGAN (1940 Sydney NSW Aus)

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NORWOOD (1872 St Albans Hrt Eng)

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PATTERSON (-1700+ Cambuslang Lks Sct)
PINCHBECK / var (1600+ London Eng)
PINCHBECK / var (1600+ Sry Eng)

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QUAINTON (1850+ Sydney NSW Aus)
QUICK (1700 Uplowman Dev Eng)
QUICK (1900 Uralla NSW Aus)

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RAY (1852 St Pancras Mdx Eng)
REED / var (1700+ Sibsey Lin Eng)
ROANTREE / var (1650+ Drune Cav Irl)
ROGERSON (1794 Garstang Lan Eng)
ROWAN (1837+ Bathurst NSW Aus)
ROWAN (1850+ Forbes NSW Aus)
ROWAN (1862+ Morongla NSW Aus)

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SANDS (1838 Dunton Nfk Eng)
SCAMMELL (1792 Codford St Peter Wil Eng)
SCOBIE (1785 Dunfermline Fif Sct)
SHARPLES (1788 Liverpool Lan Eng)
SMALL (1712 Crail Fif Sct)
SMALL (1940 Mortlake Vic Aus)
SPELLER (1835 Furneux Pelhan Hrt)
SUTTON (1750+ Glasnamullen Wic Irl)

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THORBURN (1827+ Ayr Sct)
TRAVIS (1750+ Manchester Lan Eng)
TURNER (-1800+ West Haddon Nth Eng)
TURNER (1948 Camberwell Vic Aus)
TURNER (1993 Ocean Shores NSW Aus)


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VOIGHT (1920s Scoresby Vic Aus)

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