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Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ADAMS (1770 Maulden Bdf Eng)
ALEXANDER (1880 Glasgow Lks Sct)
ALLARDICE (1711+ Alvah Ban Sct)
ALLARDYCE (1711+ Alvah Ban Sct)
ANDERSON (1796+ Gamrie Ban Sct)
ARSCOTT (1802 Con Eng)
AUDET (1800 NSW Aus)

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BANKS (1890 Kapunda SA Aus)
BASS (1770 Exeter Dev Eng)
BILLING (1890 Kapunda SA Aus)
BLANKSBY (1832 Dby Eng)
BRAY (1700s+ Gwennap Con Eng)
BUDGE (1800+ Con Eng)
BUSH (1670+ Westminster Mdx Eng)
BUTT (1880s Inglewood Vic Aus)

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CAHILL (1840s Loughmore Tip Irl)
CARLISLE (1812 Torphichen Wln Sct)
CHEYNE (1825 Fetterletter Abd Sct)
CHITTY (1700s+ Sry Eng)
CLARK (1750s Ellon Abd Sct)
CLIFT (1801+ Wil Eng)
COLVILL (1840 Ratcliff Mdx Eng)
CORNWELL (1856+ Camden NSW Aus)
COX (1700s+ Andover Ham Eng)
COX (-1854 Maulden Bdf Eng)

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DAWSON (1856 Millthorpe NSW Aus)
DIXON (1850 Bungonia NSW Aus)
DOERNER (1859 Munich Bav Ger)
DOERNER (1888+ Sydney NSW Aus)
DREHER (1910 Black Duck Creek Qld Aus)
DUNN (1800s Drayton Som Eng)

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EMMERSON (1840 Myrtle Creek NSW Aus)

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FAIRGRIEVE (1800 Temple Mln Sct)
FINLAY (1813 Cupar Fif Sct)
FITT (1800 Templemore Tip Irl)
FITT (1865 Rockhampton Qld Aus)
FLETCHER (1940 New Farm Qld Aus)
FLETCHER (1952 Magra Tas Aus)
FLETCHER (1971 New Town Tas Aus)
FLETCHER (1979 Kelvin Grove Qld Aus)
FOX (1860 Ballarat Vic Aus)
FRANKLIN (1890 Duramana NSW Aus)
FRASER (1830 Linlithgow Sti Sct)
FURMAGE (-1850 Lytchett Minster Dor Eng)

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GENTLEMAN (1778 Torphichen Wln Sct)
GIBSON (1840 Shotts Lks Sct)
GIBSON (1870 Bothwell Lks Sct)
GOLDING (-1870 Shepperton Mdx Eng)
GOODMAN (-1860 London Lnd Eng)
GOSSIP (all yrs Ellon Abd Sct)
GOSSIP (all yrs Ban Sct)
GRAY (1722+ Ellon Abd Sct)
GRAY (1754+ Cruden Abd Sct)
GURNER (1700s Eng)

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HARRIS (1800s Halifax Wry Eng)
HARTLEY (1876 Inglewood Vic Aus)
HAY (1751+ Cruden Abd Sct)
HENDRY (1720+ Boyndie Ban Sct)
HENRY (1775+ Banff Ban Sct)
HENRY (1801+ Gamrie Ban Sct)
HENRY (1920 Campsie NSW Aus)
HERBERICH (1883 Toowoomba Qld Aus)
HERBERICH (1900 Gatton Qld Aus)
HONEY (1890 Bowden SA Aus)
HONEYMAN (1741+ Falkland Fif Sct)
HOSKING (1890 Kapunda SA Aus)
HURKETT / var (1800+ Enford Wil Eng)
HURKETT / var (1800+ NSW Aus)
HUSBAND (1815+ Cupar Fif Sct)
HUSBAND (1840+ St Andrews Fif Sct)
HYAMS (1800s London Eng)

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JEWELL (-1770 London Lnd Eng)

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KERSCHNER (1800 Aus)
KRAFT (1890 Kapunda SA Aus)

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LAMBERT (1800 Temple Mln Sct)
LARTER (1806 Tower Hamlets Lnd Eng)
LAVERS (all yrs Boorowa NSW Aus)
LAVERS (all yrs St Blazey Con Eng)
LE HURAY (1800 St Peter Port Gsy ChI)
LE SAUVAGE (1816 St Andre Gsy ChI)

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McCALLUM (1920s Newcastle NSW Aus)
McNALLY (1883+ Bourke NSW Aus)
McNALLY (1898+ WA Aus)

MARQUAND (1850 St Peter Port Gsy ChI)
MATHESON (1820 Balvaird Roc Fif)
MENEAR (1890 Kapunda SA Aus)
MERRITT (1850s Woodford Vic Aus)
MERRITT (1880s Toora Vic Aus)
MOORE (-1900 Oberon NSW Aus)
MORGAN (1835 Bathurst NSW Aus)
MORGAN (1840 Gundaroo NSW Aus)
MOUNTAIN (1862+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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NORWOOD (1872 St Albans Hrt Eng)

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OBRIEN (1860+ Bathurst NSW Aus)
OCONNOR (1950 Ipswich Qld Aus)

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PARDY (1848 St Peter Port Gsy ChI)
PARKER (1680+ Whickham Dur Eng)
PATERSON (1787 Torryburn Fif Sct)
PATRONI (1860s Serino Avellino Itl)
PEMBERTON (1790+ Berkswell War Eng)
PESKETT (1908 Cunnamulla Qld Aus)

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REIDY (1850s Woodford Vic Aus)
RILEY (1900+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
RISLEY (-1900 Camden NSW Aus)
ROBINSON (1800 Derry Scallop Tyr Irl)
ROPER (1860+ Deniliquin NSW Aus)
RUDD (1800 Templemore Tip Irl)

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SAMON (1896 Ballarat Vic Aus)
SARGENT (all yrs Binalong NSW Aus)
SCARSI (1860s Serino Avellino Itl)
SIMPSON (1850 Donnybrook Vic Aus)
SIMPSON (1880 Walgett NSW Aus)
SIMPSON (1900 Kalgoorlie WA Aus)
SKARDON (-1853 worldwide)
SKARDON (1853 Aus)
SMITH (1853 Bremen Old Ger)
SMITH (1893 Bungwahl NSW Aus)
STARK (1796 Christon Som Eng)
STEBBING (1807 Stepney Lnd Eng)
STEBBING (1835 Mile End Lnd Eng)
STEBBING (1876 The Bluff NZ)
STEWART (-1800 Whickham Dur Eng)
STONE (1875 Collingwood Vic Aus)

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THOMAS / var (1854 Greensborough Vic Aus)
THOMSON (1830 Dunbar Eln Sct)
TIERNEY (1900+ Eugowra NSW Aus)
TIERNEY (1900+ Forbes NSW Aus)
TREMBEARTH (1700s+ Gwennap Con Eng)


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WATERS (-1860 Gravesend Ken Eng)
WEATHERSTONE (1910 Tamworth NSW Aus)
WELLS (1824 Glasgow Rfw Sct)
WELLS (1900s Hamilton Vic Aus)
WHELDON (-1800 Gateshead Dur Eng)
WHILEY (1840 Millthorpe NSW Aus)
WHITE (-1840 Harefield Mdx Eng)
WIGHTMAN (-1860 Comber Dow Irl)
WILSON (1819 Poplar Mdx Eng)
WRAIGHT (1818 Chiselhurst Ken Eng)
WRIGHTSON (1900+ Belfield NSW Aus)
WRIGHTSON (1900+ Fremantle WA Aus)
WYPER (1883 Mt Vernon Lks Sct)


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ZIMMERMAN (1860+ Tam OShanter Belt SA Aus)

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