This months Surname Register

Some of our subscribers are researching these surnames this month
(not as many as usual – tis the season genies visit the Northern hemisphere)
Do you have any of them in your family tree?

If you do, you should contact the submitter to see if there is a
family connection
(please see below)

Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ADAMS (-1940+ Cairns Qld Aus)
ALDER (1826 Kingstanley Gls Eng)
AMBLER (1828 London Mdx Eng)

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BAILEY (1803 London Mdx Eng)
BAILEY (1879 Cooma NSW Aus)
BETTS (1827 Weathersfield Ess Eng)
BISHOP (-1953+ Cairns Qld Aus)
BONE (1879 Bathurst NSW Aus)
BOWLES (1873+ Auckland NZ)

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CADMAN (1828 London Mdx Eng)
CALDWELL (-1896+ Kogarah NSW Aus)
CALLAGHAN (-1861+ Cairns Qld Aus)
CALLAGHAN (-1861+ Townsville Qld Aus)
CAVELL (1796 London Mdx Eng)
CLARKE (-1855+ Belanglo NSW Aus)
CLARKE (1870+ Cooma NSW Aus)
CLOWRY (1793 Carlow Car Irl)
CLOWRY (1877 Braidwood NSW Aus)
COLEMAN (1853 Seven Hills NSW Aus)

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DARTNALL (1887 Southampton Ham Eng)
DE LACEY LOWE (1914+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
DOWDLE (1850+ goldfields Vic Aus)
DWYER (1834 Tip Irl)
DWYER (1860 Sydney NSW Aus)

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GARDINER (1908 Lithgow NSW Aus)
GAYFORD (-1872+ Ipswich Qld Aus)
GAYFORD (-1942+ Bankstown NSW Aus)
GODFREY (1850+ Bathurst NSW Aus)

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HARRIS (-1890+ Leichhardt NSW Aus)
HINEY (1806 Tullamore Off Irl)
HIPWORTH (-1891+ Cairns Qld Aus)
HIPWORTH (-1891+ Townsville Qld Aus)
HOLDEN (1840s Uxbridge Mdx Eng)
HOLLIER (all yrs NSW Aus)

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JONES (1858 Manly NSW Aus)

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LEIGH (-1900+ Dubbo NSW Aus)
LEWIS (1890+ Katoomba NSW Aus)
LEVY (1800s Brooklyn NY USA)
LIVINGSTON (-1906+ Cairns Qld Aus)
LOWE (1853 Sydney NSW Aus)
LYONS (-1898+ Collarenebri NSW Aus)

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McDONALD (-1879 Oathlaw Ans Sct)
McKAY (1862 Wombat NSW Aus)

MANSFIELD (1853 Smithfield NSW Aus)
MARJORAM (-1900+ Lithgow NSW Aus)
MATTHEWS (-1947+ Cairns Qld Aus)
MINNS (1851 Geelong Vic Aus)

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NOLLER (1861 Mulgoa NSW Aus)
NOWLAN (1816 Irl)
NOWLAN (1838 Goulburn NSW Aus)

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PASCOE (-1952+ Cairns Qld Aus)

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QUARTERMAIN (1830 Oxf Eng)

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RALPH (1835 Matlock Som Eng)
REID (1799 Kirk Hill Sct)
ROBINSON (1829 Ham Eng)
ROBINSON (1863 Gunning NSW Aus)
ROSE (1860+ Wagga Wagga NSW Aus)

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SAUNDERS (1825 Randwick NSW Aus)
SAUNDERS (1859 Jamberoo NSW Aus)
SAUNDERS (1945 Croydon NSW Aus)
SIDDLE (1863 Geelong Vic Aus)
SIMPKINS (-1880+ Stoke upon Trent Sts Eng)
SMITH (1800+ Lidlington Bdf Eng)
SPOLLEN (-1880+ Cardwell Qld Aus)
SUMNER (1812 Chs Eng)
SUMNER (1860 Braidwood NSW Aus)

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THOMSON (1741 Kilmuir Roc Sct)
THOMSON (1767+ Logie-Easter Roc Sct)


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WALLACE (-1880+ Stoke upon Trent Sts Eng)
WARNER (1830s Stockton War Eng)
WEBB (-1960+ Sutherland NSW Aus)
WEBB (-1942+ Croydon NSW Aus)
WEIBLER (all yrs Lorch Hen Ger)
WESTBURY (-1870+ Belanglo NSW Aus)
WESTBURY (-1900+ Dubbo NSW Aus)


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YELLAND (-1900+ Stoke upon Trent Sts Eng)


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