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Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ABSOLOM (1800+ Finsbury Mdx Eng)
ALEXANDER (1800+ Wil Eng)
ALLSOPP (all yrs Coburg Vic Aus)
ASH (all yrs Dev Eng)
ASSER (1866 Scone NSW Aus)
ATYEO (all yrs Som Eng)

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BASTIN (-1889+ Adelaide SA Aus)
BEAR (all yrs Dev Eng)
BELL (1890+ SA, Vic, WA Aus)
BERECHREE (all yrs Coburg Vic Aus)
BERMINGHAM (1830+ Femough Cla Irl)
BERMINGHAM (1857+ Ipswich Qld Aus)
BERMINGHAM (1890+ Greenmount Qld Aus)
BOLAND (1838 East Maitland NSW Aus)
BOON (1883 Sydney NSW Aus)
BRADLEY (1850 Ipswich Qld Aus)
BRADLEY (1880+ Warwick Qld Aus)
BRADY (1839+ SA, WA Aus)
BRIGGS (1846 Neville NSW Aus)
BRUNDLE (1835+ Hobart Tas Aus)
BRISCOE (1856+ Paddington NSW Aus)
BRITTAIN (1870+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
BROWN (-1840 Haddington Eln Sct)
BROWN / var (-1885 Montpelier Lim Irl)
BROWN / var (-1885+ Redfern NSW Aus)
BROWN (1894 Sydney NSW Aus)
BUGGY (-1841+ Rose Bay NSW Aus)
BURNELL (all yrs Som Eng)
BURT (all yrs Coburg Vic Aus)

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CAMPBELL (1800+ Inverary Arl Sct)
CANTWELL (all yrs Yarram Vic Aus)
CARTER (1941+ Qld Aus)
CLARKE (1904+ Granville NSW Aus)
COMANS (all yrs Kilmore Vic Aus)
CORSTORPHAN / var (1872+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
CRAWLEY (1922+ Brisbane Qld Aus)
CUBIS (all yrs worldwide)
CUIN (all yrs Gls Eng)
CUMMINS (all yrs Kilmore Vic Aus)

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DAILY / var (1864+ SA Aus)
DALEY / var (1890s Hotham Vic Aus)
DALY (1854 Newtown NSW Aus)
DAWSON (1865 Bathurst NSW Aus)
DEVANEY (1850+ Moorebank NSW Aus)
DEVANEY (1905+ Cunnamulla Qld Aus)
DINGLE (all yrs Dev Eng)
DOIG (-1845 Blairgowrie Per Sct)
DOUGLAS / var (-1814+ Kurrajong NSW Aus)
DRINKWATER (1840+ Warrington Lan Eng)

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ELMS (1878 Carcoar NSW Aus)
ELVIDGE / var (1850+ Aus)
EVANS (1880+ Ballarat Vic Aus)

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FARMER (1910 Sydney NSW Aus)
FARAGHER (-1825 Malew IoM Eng)
FITZELL (1890s Hotham Vic Aus)
FORBES (-1841 Templeudigan Wex Irl)
FORBES (-1841+ Gundaroo NSW Aus)
FULLER (-1800+ Mildenhall Sfk Eng)

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GABRIEL (1947 Randwick NSW Aus)
GAGGIN (1876 Clarence Town NSW Aus)
GIBB (-1813+ Kinrossie Per Sct)
GREEN (1890+ Newtown NSW Aus)

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HALL (-1840 Taunton Som Eng)
HALLINAN (1899+ Kerang Vic Aus)
HAMILTON (all yrs Kilmore Vic Aus)
HARDIE (1886+ St Leonards NSW Aus)
HARTLEY (1840 Bathurst NSW Aus)
HENSHAW (1935 Randwick NSW Aus)
HESP (1600+ Yks Eng)
HESP (1800+ NZ)
HESP (1800+ USA)
HILL (-1888+ Adelaide SA Aus)
HOBBS (1600+ Wil Eng)
HOBBS (1850+ Som Eng)
HOBBS (1900+ Mdx Eng)
HOCKADAY (all yrs Dev Eng)
HOLDER (all yrs Gls Eng)
HOMEWARD (1840 Hobart Tas Aus)
HOOPER (1919 Redfern NSW Aus)
HORGAN (1875+ Warrington Lan Eng)
HORGAN (1890+ Warwick Qld Aus)
HORSBURGH (all yrs Sct)
HULME (-1790 Putney Sry Eng)
HUMPHREY (-1720+ Newdigate Sry Eng)

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IKIN (1832 Clarence Town NSW Aus)

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JACKSON (all yrs Sheffield Wry Eng)
JENKINS (1920s Gulgong NSW Aus)
JOBSON (1903+ Sydney NSW Aus)
JOHNS (all yrs Dev Eng)
JONAS (1880+ SA Aus)
JORGENSON (1826+ Torrig Maribo Den

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KANDLIN (early 1900s Ballarat Vic Aus)
KAVANAGH (1911 Sydney NSW Aus)
KEANE (1840+ Sydney NSW Aus)
KENNEDY (all yrs Kilmore Vic Aus)
KILBY (1903 Bathurst NSW Aus)
KIRKMAN (1903 Kelso NSW Aus)

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LAMBERTH (1800s London area Mdx Eng)
LEACH (-1840+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
LE FEVRE (1855+ Corowa NSW Aus)
LEGGETT / var (1852+ Maitland NSW Aus)
LEWIS (1853 Bathurst NSW Aus)
LEWIS (1860 Muswellbrook NSW Aus)
LEWIS (1870 Narrabri NSW Aus)
LEWIS (1870 Tambo Qld Aus)
LEWIS (1870 Warialda NSW Aus)

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McCOMBE (all yrs Euroa Vic Aus)
McDONALD (-1700+ Dunfirmalyn Fif Sct)
McGAHEY / var (-1800+ Fer Irl)
McGAHEY / var (1880+ Qld Aus)
McGUIRK / var (1854+ SA Aus)
McKENDRICK (all yrs Wallan Wallan Vic Aus)
McKINNON (1700+ Isle of Mull Arl Sct)
McLEESE (1768+ Belfast Ant Irl)

MANSFIELD (1830 Muswellbrook NSW Aus)
MANSON (1800+ Wick Cai Sct)
MARCHANT (-1835 Wolverton Som Eng)
MARTIN (1861+ SA Aus)
MERRIOTT (all yrs Som Eng)
MOLYNEAX / var (-1841 Templeudigan Wex Irl)
MULLIN (1900+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
MURPHY (1800+ Loughcurra Gal Irl)
MUSTEY (1870+ Rochester Vic Aus)

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NARROCOTT (all yrs Dev Eng)
NELSON (1844 Warialda NSW Aus)

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O’BRIEN (1892+ Ipswich Qld Aus)
O’KEEFFE (-1839+ Bruff Lim Irl)

OSBORNE (1866+ Swe)

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PARKER (1864+ Gawler SA Aus)
PATTEN (all yrs Gls Eng)
PATTISON (1800s Shepparton Vic Aus)
PHILLIPS (1918+ Concord NSW Aus)
PITSON (all yrs Bagshot Sry Eng)
PRESTON (1860+ Mangrove Creek NSW Aus)

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RAFF (all yrs Bernhausen Bad Ger)
REYNOLDS (1906+ Moree NSW Aus)
RISELEY (1800s Hun Eng)
ROBINSON (-1846+ Waterloo NSW Aus)
RUSHEN (1800s Wil Eng)
RUSSELL (1883 Ken Eng)
RYNNE (1830+ Lisdoonvarna Cla Irl)

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SANDISON (-1861 Murrumbidgerie NSW Aus)
SANDISON (-1920+ Orange NSW Aus)
SHARP (1830+ Strathmiglo Fif Sct)
SHARP (1900+ Cunnamulla Qld Aus)
SIMPSON (-1840+ Penrith NSW Aus)
SIMPSON (-1870+ Kelso NSW Aus)
SINCLAIR (1800+ Campbelltown Arl Sct)
SKEWES / var (-1850 Redruth Con Eng)
SKEWES / var (1850+ SA, Vic Aus)
SMITH (-1800+ Gorlston Sfk Eng)
SMITH (-1880+ Natimuk Vic Aus)
STOLZ (all yrs Neuenstadt Bad Ger)

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TEMPLER (1863+ SA, NSW Aus)
THORNTON (1835 Muswellbrook NSW Aus)
TRENOWETH / var (1869+ Woodside SA Aus)


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WALSH (1800+ Loughrea/Loughcurra Gal Irl)
WALTON (1830+ Dundee Ans Sct)
WEEDON (1924+ Liverpool NSW Aus)
WHITE (1915+ Sydney NSW Aus)
WHITEHEAD (1854 ship Ocean Chief Vic Aus)
WOOD (1873 Narrabri NSW Aus)
WOOD (1858 Narrabri NSW Aus)
WOOD (1860 Carcoar NSW Aus)
WORMALD (1880+ Ballarat Vic Aus
WRIGHT (all yrs Con Eng)


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