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AINSLIE (-1841 Hamilton Lks Sct)
ANDERSON (-1800 Lintrathen Ans Sct)
ANDERSON (1860+ Gordon Vic Aus)
ASH / var (1855+ SA, Vic, NSW Aus)
ATKINSON (1900+ Mackay Qld Aus)
AUSTIN (1850 Wellington NSW Aus)

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BAGNALL (1833 Cashel Tip Irl)
BAILEY (1800+ Dinton Wil Eng)
BAILEY (1852+ Newcastle area NSW Aus)
BARNES (1920+ Sydney NSW Aus)
BAXTER (1802 London Mdx Eng)
BENSON (1880+ Mackay Qld Aus)
BLACK / LENOIRE (1838 Cuesmes Mons Hainaut Bel)
BRAND (1872 Plumstead Ken Eng)
BRIDGE (1800s Bromley Mdx Eng)
BROWNING (1851 Kelso NSW Aus)
BULMER (1850+ Taree NSW Aus)
BURNHAM (1823 Parramatta NSW Aus)
BUSH (1822+ Swaffham Nfk Eng)

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CALLER (1842+ Ryde NSW Aus)
CAMPLING (1800+ Cottingham Ery Eng)
CHAPMAN (1823 Parramatta NSW Aus)
CLARKE (1837 Berkhamsted Hrt Eng)
CLIFFORD (1860s Molahiffe Ker Irl)
COOTE (1840 Cambridge Cam Eng)
COSGROVE (1847 Melbourne Vic Aus)
COSGROVE (1893 Ganmain, Wagga Wagga NSW Aus)
COUGHLAN / var (1800+ Off (Kings) Irl)
COWELL (1899 Yarram Vic Aus)
CROW / var (1830 Clare Cla Irl)
CUMMINGS (1860 McDonalds Creek NSW Aus)
CUMMINS (1940 Sydney NSW Aus)

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DEAN (1870 Berkhamsted Hrt Eng)
DICKSON (1900+ Mackay Qld Aus)
DLASK (1920+ Mackay Qld Aus)
DONALD (1750+ Aberdeen Abd Sct)
DOWLING (1860s Vauxhall Lambeth Lnd Eng)

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FAIRWEATHER (-1803 Lintrathen Ans Sct)
FAULKNER (1820s Winslow Bkm Eng)
FENWICK (1800+ Schull Cor Irl)
FERRIER (1800+ Edinburgh Mln Sct)
FOSTER (1899 Yarram Vic Aus)
FOX (1842 Lake Bathurst NSW Aus)

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GORDON (1700+Daviot Abd Sct)
GORDON (1700+ Monymusk Abd Sct)
GORRINGE (1836 Brighton Ssx Eng)
GRAINGER (1850+ Edinburgh Mln Sct)
GRAINGER (1900+ Hamilton Lks Sct)
GREBERT (-1832 Keidrich Hen Ger)
GRIFFITH / var (1800+ St Helier Jsy ChI Eng)
GRIFFITH / var (1850 Newcastle area NSW Aus)

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HARVEY (1853+ Sandhurst Vic Aus)
HAWES (1800 Sfk Eng)
HEAD (1860 goldfields Vic Aus)
HEDDELL (1876+ Jefferson MO USA)
HELDT (1843 Seckenheim Baw Ger)
HEWITT (1830 Boston Lin Eng)
HIRSCH (1812 Seckenheim Baw Ger)
HONEYSETT (1838 Burwash Ssx Eng)
HURLOCK (1849 Shoreditch Mdx Eng)

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IRVINE (1900+ Forbes NSW Aus)

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KANE (1887 Wingham NSW Aus)
KENDALL (1806 Ossett Yks Eng)
KENDALL (1835 Bathurst NSW Aus)
KENDALL (1880 Orange NSW Aus)

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LAVALLEE (-1917 Fra, New Caledonia)
LEE (1787 Doddiscombsleigh Dev Eng)
LEGG (1800+ East London Mdx Eng)
LLOYD (1848 Winslow Bkm Eng)

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McBRYDE (1900+ Mackay Qld Aus)
McCLOSKIE (-1877 Lou, Mea Irl)

MAHONEY (1850 Wellington NSW Aus)
MASTERSON (1700+ Kilkenny Kik Irl)
MAYMAN (1850s Preston Lan Eng)
MEMORY (1829 Ludgvan Con Eng)
MEYER (-1887 Bochum Wef Ger)
MILLANTA (1800s Livorno Tuscany It)
MORGAN (1880+ Mackay Qld Aus)

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NENCI (1800s Livorno Tuscany It)
NOLAN (1700+ Kilkenny Kik Irl)

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ODRISCOLL (1836 Castletown Cor Irl)

OSBORN (1870 Maitland NSW Aus)

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PARTRIDGE (1849 Islington Mdx Eng)
PETTY (1870+ Sandhurst Vic Aus)
PLUMRIDGE (1875 Lane End Bkm Eng)
PURCELL (1833 Gundaroo NSW Aus)
PYPER (1809 Turriff Abd Sct)

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QUERCIOLI (1840 Livorno Tuscany It)

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RANKIN (1720+ Gamrie Ban Sct)
RANKIN (1829 Oban Arl Sct)
RANKIN (1838 Taralga NSW Aus)
REID (1767+ Falkland Fif Sct)
REID (1777+ Cupar Fif Sct)
REILLY (1876 Kilskyre Mea Irl)
ROBERTSON (1743+ Ellon Abd Sct)
ROHNER (1862+ Chiltern Vic Aus)
ROHNER (1887+ Griffin Point Vic Aus)
ROLLAND / var (1813+ Kilconquhar Fif Sct)

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SCHOFIELD (1787 Langho Lan Eng)
SCOTT (1814+ Loughgilly Arm Irl)
SHIELDS (1881 Wollombi NSW Aus)
SHOESMITH (1883 Wingham NSW Aus)
SHOOBRAID (1900+ Edinburgh Mln Sct)
SMALLRIDGE (1848 St Edmond Dev Eng)
SMITH / var (1882 Kilskyre Mea Irl)
STOBO (1900+ Hamilton Lks Sct)
STRACHAN (1785+ Aberdour Abd Sct)
STRACHAN (1829 King Edward Abd Sct)
SUDELL (1736+ Great Harwood Lan Eng)
SULLIVAN (1870s Molahiffe Ker Irl)

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THOMPSON (1900+ Balmain NSW Aus)
THOMSON (1766+ Kilconquhar Fif Sct)
THORNTON (1850+ Belturbet Cav Irl)
THORNTON (1858+ Manchester Lan Eng)
TUCKNOTT (1800+ Newhaven Ssx Eng)


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VILE (1844 Mudgee NSW Aus)

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WADDLE / var (1721+ Kilconquhar Fif Sct)
WALSH (1845 Islington Mdx Eng)
WARD (1854 Gulgong NSW Aus)
WILCOX (1802 Stourbridge Wor Eng)
WILL (1726+ Echt Abd Sct)
WILL (1742+ Newhills Abd Sct)
WINTERBOTTOM (1880 Gallymont NSW Aus)
WOOLGER (1810 Bkm Eng)


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YOUNG (1850+ Balmain NSW Aus)


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