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ABBOTT (1910 Brunswick Vic Aus)
ADAMS (-1845 Devonport Dev Eng)
ADAMSON (1826 Easington Yks Eng)
ADCOCK (1877 Grimsby Lin Eng)
ARTHUR (1764 Newcastle upon Tyne Nbl Eng)
ATKINS (1871 River Don Tas Aus)
ATKINS (1887 Port Macquarie NSW Aus)

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BALDWIN (1800+ Fethard Tip Irl)
BALDWIN (1842+ Rocky Hills Tas Aus)
BALLARD (1821 Dover Ken Eng)
BARKER (1821 Dur Eng)
BARKWORTH (1762 Keelby Lin Eng)
BARNALBY (1758 Binbrook Lin Eng)
BARRATT (1837 Burslem Sts Eng)
BEATTY (1880 Delgany Wic Irl)
BEGGS (1800 Ballygelly Ant Irl)
BINGHAM (1809+ Ardee Lou Irl)
BIRSE (1671 Banchory Kcd Sct)
BLAKE (1810+ Penzance Con Eng)
BOOTH (1880+ Cobar NSW Aus)
BOURKE (1840+ Sydney NSW Aus)
BOWMAN (1820 Askham Wes Eng)
BOYD (1858 Glasgow Lks Sct)
BRYAN / var (-1800+ Fethard Tip Irl)
BULLOCK (1796 Bishops Cannings Wil Eng)
BUNCE (1828+ Ickford Bkm Eng)
BUTT (-1840 Bristol Gls Eng)

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CALLAGHAN (1869 Orange NSW Aus)
CAREY (1870 Hurdle Flat Vic Aus)
CARVILL / var (-1700+ Ravensthorpe Nth Eng)
CARVILL / var (1700+ Long Buckby Nth Eng)
CARVILL / var (-1750+ Spratton Nth Eng)
CASTLE / var (-1730+ West Haddon Nth Eng)
CHARLTON (1807 Bourton Dor Eng)
CHESTERS (1875 Lake Rowan Vic Aus)
CLEE (1860 Casterton Vic Aus)
COLLINS (1798 Yeovil Som Eng)
COX (1770 Westminster Mdx Eng)
CREAGH (1850+ Derby Dby Eng)
CREAGH (1980+ Geelong Vic Aus)
CROWLEY (1827 Cork Irl)
CULLEY (1810 Pewsey Wil Eng)
CUMING (1817+ London Mdx Eng)

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DALBY (1847 Newcastle NSW Aus)
DALTON (1713 Little Kelk Ery Eng)
DALTON (1852 Dublin Irl)
DALTON (1883 Nelson Bay NSW Aus)
DAVIS (1859 Lex (Queens) Irl)
DAY (1793+ Crewkerne Som Eng)
DEELEY (1840+ Sydney NSW Aus)
DE SOUZA (1842+ Ponta Delgada Azores Pt)
DEVLIN (1771 Redcross Wic Irl)
DORAN (1866 Heidelberg Vic Aus)
DOW (1900 Peak Hill NSW Aus)
DOWE (1934 Leichhardt NSW Aus)
DUSCHKA (1890 Sheep Hills Vic Aus)
DWYER (1818 Bansha Tip Irl)

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EALES (1784 Towcester Nth Eng)

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FALCONER (1843 Dunfermline Fif Sct)
FANNING (1860 Beechworth Vic Aus)
FARROW (1806 Selsey Ssx Eng)
FERGUSON (1760 Kirkconnel Dfs Sct)
FEWSTER (1745 Durham Dur Eng)
FINCH (-1780+ Cambridge Cam Eng)
FIRTH (1917 Port Macquarie NSW Aus)
FISHLOCK (1767 Bishops Cannings Wil Eng)
FISKE / var (1853 Myrniong Vic Aus)
FISKE / var (1900 Buxton Vic Aus)
FORRESTER (1804 Wester Frew Per Sct)
FRANCIS (1797 Parramatta NSW Aus)

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GARE (1910 Brunswick Vic Aus)
GARRATT (1887+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
GORRINGE (1843 Carcoar NSW Aus)
GRAHAM (1860+ central west NSW Aus)
GRAHAM (1950 Pollokshaws Lks Sct)
GREEN (1800+ Abingdon Brk Eng)
GREEN (-1920 Hurley Brk Eng)
GUY (1816 Stockton-on-Tees Nry Eng)

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HARDIE (1803 Linlithgow Wln Sct)
HARRIS (1858+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
HARRISON (1880+ Huddersfield Wry Eng)
HATCH (all yrs Manilla NSW Aus)
HAWKINS (1700+ Southampton Ham Eng)
HAYES (1850 Feakle Cla Irl)
HEINE (1861 Jericho Vic Aus)
HENERIE (1860+ central west NSW Aus)
HENRY (1769 Montrose Ans Sct)
HIBBERSON (1850 Tallangatta Vic Aus)
HIGGINS (1840+ Sydney NSW Aus)
HILLS (1872 Launceston Tas Aus)
HOLLIS (1855 Port Sorell Tas Aus)
HUGO (1850 Sandon Vic Aus)
HUNT (1809 Gillingham Dor Eng)
HUTCHINS (1800 South Petherton Som Eng)
HYLES (1809 Rochester Ken Eng)

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JAMES (1858+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
JEFFS (1913 Wodonga Vic Aus)
JENKINS (1875 Wallsend NSW Aus)
JOHNSON (1850+ Forbes NSW Aus)
JONES (1828 Bletchley Bkm Eng)
JONES (1879 Richmond Vic Aus)

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KAIN (1860 Beechworth Vic Aus)
KEDWARD (1900 Cwmtillery Mon Wls)
KING (all yrs Loddiswell Dev Eng)
KING (all yrs Woodleigh Dev Eng)
KING (1830+ Adelaide SA Aus)
KOEN (1813 Inishmacsaint Fer Irl)

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LAING (1930 Liverpool NSW Aus)
LANCASTER (all yrs Manilla NSW Aus)
LANGSFORD (1870 Quorn SA Aus)
LANSDOWN (1850 Tallangatta Vic Aus)
LINDSAY (1838 Lower Largo Fif Sct)
LIPINSKY (1850+ Derby Dby Eng)
LONG (1700+ Withycombe Dev Eng)
LOWE (1910 Kalangadoo SA Aus)
LUSCOMBE (1800+ Loddiswell Dev Eng)

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McBEATTY (all yrs Aus)
McCLUMPHA (1843 Liverpool Lan Eng)
McFARLANE (-1870 Irl)
McINROY (1791 Cargill Per Sct)
McKINNON (-1837 Broadford Isle of Skye Inv Sct)
McPHEE (all yrs Belamore Isle of Skye Inv Sct)

MAIN (1775 Airdrie Lks Sct)
MARTIN (-1740+ Ravensthorpe Nth Eng)
MAYBERRY (1918 Castlemaine Vic Aus)
MAYMAN (1800 Carisbrook Vic Aus)
MILLS (1850+ central west NSW Aus)
MOSTYN (1790 London Eng)
MOXEY (1920 Cessnock NSW Aus)
MURDOCH (-1769 Callander Per Sct)
MURFETT (1900+ Hobart Tas Aus)
MURRAY (1850+ central west NSW Aus)

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NAGEL (1900 Kooyong Vic Aus)
NEAL (1756 Binbrook Lin Eng)
NELSON (1818 Edinburgh Mln Sct)
NICHOLAS / var (1781 West Looe Con Eng)
NIEWAND (1800 Lautenthal Ger)
NIEWAND (1850 Mt Barker SA Aus)
NIEWAND (1874 Murtoa Vic Aus)
NOBLE (1801 Perth Per Sct)
NORRIS (-1860 Kingston upon Hull Ery)

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OFARRELL (1900+ Geelong Vic Aus)

OLDSWORTHY 1700+ Lan Eng)
ORGAN (all yrs Mevagissey Con Eng)

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PALMER (1819+ Colchester Sfk Eng)
PALMER (1842+ Newcastle NSW Aus)
PARSONS (1800+ Tas Aus)
PERRETT (1806 Marlborough Wil Eng)
PIPER (1880+ Sydney NSW Aus)
PITT / var (1877 Newcastle NSW Aus)
PUNCH (1840+ Sydney NSW Aus)
PURDY (1890+ Coonamble NSW Aus)
PURDY (1910+ Goondiwindi Qld Aus)

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REGAN (1910 Pollokshaws Lks Sct)
ROSS (-1820 Isle of Islay Arl Sct)
RUSSELL (1793 Shotts Lks Sct)

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SALMOND (1609 Birkenshaw Wln Sct)
SAWDEN (1645 East & West Lutton Ery Eng)
SCANLON (1900 Wooragee Vic Aus)
SCOBIE (1829 Auchterarder Per Sct)
SCOTT (1826 Elgin Mor Sct)
SHACK (1901 Castlemaine Vic Aus)
SHERIDAN (1840+ central west NSW Aus)
SIMPSON (1808 North Walsham Nfk Eng)
SKERRITT (1816 Irl)
SPEHRS (1920 Beechworth Vic Aus)
STAPLES (1834 Sydney NSW Aus)
STARK (-1839 Glasgow Lks Sct)
STEER / STURE (all yrs Dev Eng)
STEWART (1841 Alva Sti Sct)
SWAN (1732 Falkirk Sti Sct)

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TARRY / var (-1730+ West Haddon Nth Eng)
TAYLOR (1841 Iron Acton Gls Eng)
TAYLOR (1850 Stanley Vic Aus)
THOMLIN / var (-1650+ Cold Ashby Nth Eng)
THOMPSON (1880+ Gulgong NSW Aus)
THOMPSON-LAING (1930 Liverpool NSW Aus)
TIPPER (1830 Stowey Som Eng)
TREVERROW (1860 Moonta SA Aus)
TREVERROW (1880 Canbelego NSW Aus)
TRINNE (all yrs Tucheim Saxony-Anhalt Ger)


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VEAL / var (1855 Bishops Sutton Som Eng)
VERRIER (all yrs Som Eng)
VINING (-1750+ Batcombe Som Eng)

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WALKER (1870 Coreen NSW Aus)
WALKOM (1857 Guyong NSW Aus)
WARDELL / var (-1750+ Cold Ashby Nth Eng)
WARDELL / var (-1760+ Ravensthorpe Nth Eng)
WEATHERBY (1840+ Congleton Chs Eng)
WETENHALL (-1750+ Cambridge Cam Eng)
WHITE (1734 Malborough Dev Eng)
WIESE (1800 Osterweick Pre Ger)
WILDING (1813+ Lavenham Sfk Eng)
WILLIAMSON (-1860 Portsmouth Ham Eng)
WILLING (all yrs Dev Eng)


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