This months Surname Register

Some of our subscribers are researching these surnames this month
(not as many as usual – tis the season genies visit the Northern hemisphere)
Do you have any of them in your family tree?

If you do, you should contact the submitter to see if there is a
family connection
(please see below)

Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ABBOTT (c1850 Melbourne Vic Aus)
ANDERSON (1970 Kapunda SA Aus)
APPLEGATE (1800s Potter Heigham Nfk Eng)

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BARNABY (1900+ Capertee NSW Aus)
BATEMAN (1780+ Dow Irl)
BENNETT (-1833 Croydon Eng)
BERRY (1780+ Sunbury–on–Thames Mdx Eng)
BIRKLEY (1700+ Newburn Nbl Eng)
BOLT (c1818 Hobart Tas Aus)
BOURKES (1880+ Inverell NSW Aus)
BRENNAN (1807+ Kilkenny Kik Irl)
BULLEY (1800s+ Catfield Nfk Eng)
BURNELL (1820s Sydney NSW Aus)
BURRIDGE (1837+ Exeter Dev Eng)
BUTT (1850s Inglewood Vic Aus)

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CHITTY (1840 Andover Ham Eng)
CLARKE (-1843 Sydney NSW Aus)
CLAYTON (1860s+ Newcastle NSW Aus)
COFFISON (1800s Manchester Lan Eng)
COGHLAN / var (all yrs Off Irl)
CORNWELL (1856+ Camden NSW Aus)
COX (1870s Bendigo Vic Aus)
COWELL (1837+ Exeter Dev Eng)
CRAN / CRANE (1700s Edinburgh Mln Sct)
CRAVEN (1820 Yks Eng)
CUDDIHY (1807+ Kilkenny Kik Irl)
CUNNINGHAM (1940 Kapunda SA Aus)

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DEWEZ (1820s Herve Liege Bel)
DIXSON (1750+ Marylebone Mdx Eng)
DONALD (1750+ Aberdeen Abd Sct)
DONNELLY / var (c1840 Sydney NSW Aus)
DONNELLY / var (c1850 Hobart Tas Aus)
DONNELLY (c1870 Melbourne Vic Aus)
DONNELLY / var (c1900 Mt Lawley WA Aus)
DUFTY (1800s Jacobstowe Dev Eng)
DUNN (1850 Drayton Som Eng)

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FANNING (1800s Cassilis NSW Aus)
FLETCHER (1700s+ Leith Mln Sct)
FORD (1880 Kapunda SA Aus)
FOX (1850 Beaufort Vic Aus)
FRAWLEY (-1840 Sydney NSW Aus)
FRENCH (1800s+ Salehurst Ssx Eng)
FURMAGE (-1850 Lytchett Minster Dor Eng)
FURNISS (1894+ Inverell NSW Aus)
FYFE (all yrs Sct)

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GALIFANT (1800 Braintree Ess Eng)
GIRDLER (1900s Thargomindah Qld Aus)
GOLDING (-1870 Shepperton Mdx Eng)
GORDON (1700+ Keig, Daviot Abd Sct)
GREEN (all yrs Melbourne Vic Aus)
GRIEVE (all yrs Sct)
GURNER (1820s Sydney NSW Aus)

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HALL (1790s+ Lurgan Arm Irl)
HARRIS (1870 Tadcaster Yks Eng)
HARTLEY (1900 Inglewood Vic Aus)
HENRY (1930+ Sydney NSW Aus)
HOLLIS (1940 Kent Town SA Aus)
HUSBAND (1860s Lancaster Lan Eng)
HYLAND (1827+ Dublin Dub Irl)

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IRELAND (1850+ Bulli NSW Aus)
IVORY (1820+ Cork Cor Irl)

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JACKSON (1841+ Sydney NSW Aus)
JENNINGS (1830+ Newry Arm Irl)
JOASS (1777 Monquhitter Abd Sct)
JOLLY (1800+ Feock Con Eng)
JOLLY (1850+ Chain of Ponds SA Aus)
JOLLY (1850+ Morphett Vale SA Aus)
JONES (1880 Kapunda SA Aus)
JOUNQUAY (1800s+ Shoreditch Mdx Eng)
JOSS (1763+ Monquhitter Abd Sct)

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KEAN (-1866 Sydney NSW Aus)
KEENE (1760+ Walton–on–Thames Sry Eng)
KENNEDY (1844+ Lisnadill Parish Arm Irl)
KLICHY (1842+ Sawade Silesia Pre)
KOWALICK (1960 Adelaide SA Aus)

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LANGFORD (all yrs WA Aus)
LAWSON (1789 Pittenweem Fif Sct)
LITTLE (all yrs Glasgow Lks Sct)
LLOYD (1870 Kapunda SA Aus)
LOBBAN (1750+ Turriff Abd Sct)

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McFADDEN (1770+ Newtownards Dow Irl)
McKENNA (1859 Hobart Tas Aus)
McKINNELL (c1865 Woodside Vic Aus)
McKINNELL (c1904 Melbourne Vic Aus)
McMORDIE (all yrs northern Irl)
McNAB / var (1855+ NSW Aus, Sct)

MAIR (1749+ Cupar Fif Sct)
MARCINELLI / var (1800+ Lombardia Itl)
MARTIN (1887+ Brooklyn NY USA)
MILLER (1790+ Burwash Ssx Eng)
MILNE (1880+ Edinburgh Mln Sct)
MITCHELL (1800s+ Wollombi, Cessnock NSW Aus)
MOORE (-1900 Oberon NSW Aus)
MORISON (1747+ Gamrie Ban Sct)
MOULDS (1969 Dural NSW Aus)

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OBRIEN (-1860 Tas Aus)
ONEILL (1940 Kapunda SA Aus)

OLIVER (1870s Melbourne Vic Aus)
OLVER (1870s Melbourne Vic Aus)
ORMEROD (1700s+ Rossendale Forest Lan Eng)

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PADDY (1796+ St Gluvias Con Eng)
PAINE / var (1798+ London Eng)
PANTON (1762 Monquhitter Abd Sct)
PANTON (1762 Turriff Abd Sct)
PASCOE (1870 Kapunda SA Aus)
PATERSON (1820 Rutherglen Lan Sct)
PROCTER (1538+ Whalley Lan Eng)
PROCTER (1800+ Langho Lan Eng)
PROCTOR (1538+ Whalley Lan Eng)
PROCTOR (1800+ Langho Lan Eng)

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RANGER (all yrs Beckley Ssx Eng)
RICHARDSON (1800s+ Saffron Walden Ess Eng)
ROBERTSON (1800 Rutherglen Lan Sct)
ROONEY (c1850 Sydney NSW Aus)
RYALL (1820 Somers Town Mdx Eng)

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SCOTT (1820 Leith Mln Sct)
SNOWDON (1770+ Paddington Lnd Eng)
STANLEY (1842 London Eng)
STANLEY (1872 Melbourne Vic Aus)
STEPHENS (1860 Allandale SA Aus)
STRANGE (1820+ London Eng)
STREET (1700+ Knightsbridge Lnd Eng)
STUCHBURY (1773+ Hillesden Bkm Eng)
STUCHBURY (1860+ Morphett Vale SA Aus)
SWADLING (1838+ Sydney NSW Aus)
SWEETMAN (1800s+ Sweetmans Creek NSW Aus)

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TABE (1915 Clare SA Aus)
TAYLOR (1750+ Cruden Abd Sct)
THOMAS (1850 Kapunda SA Aus)
THORNTON (1800+ Cavan Cav Irl)
THORNTON (1870+ Parkes NSW Aus)
TINKLER (1853+ Liverpool Lan Eng)


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VAUTIN (1800s+ London Mdx Eng)
VIVIAN (1870 Kapunda SA Aus)

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WARD (1810+ Sudbury Eng)
WATERS (-1860 Gravesend Ken Eng)
WECKERT (1977 Georgetown Penang Malaysia)
WECKERT (1980 Nuriootpa SA Aus)
WHITE (1740+ Harefield Mdx Eng)
WILDE (1852 Sofala NSW Aus)
WOLFF (1890 Sydney NSW Aus)


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ZARON (all yrs Pol)
ZARSKI (all yrs Pol)

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