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ANGUS (1850 Hobart Tas Aus)
ARGALL (1790+ St Agnes Con Eng)
ARGALL (1876+ Lidcombe NSW Aus)
ARNOLD (1900s Paddington NSW Aus)
AVIS (1733+ Selmeston Ssx Eng)

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BALFOUR (1850+ Oakenshaw Dur Eng)
BARNES (1810+ Chesterfield Dby Eng)
BEATON (1854+ Sydney NSW Aus)
BEHNER / var (1830+ Liverpool OH USA)
BELL (1805 Poyntzpass Arm Irl)
BOLLARD (1860s Sydney NSW Aus)
BRADBURN (1801 Newcastle upon Tyne Nbl Eng)
BRADEN (1890+ Sydney NSW Aus)
BROWN (1700+ Broadwey Dor Eng)

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CAIL (1852 Ballarat Vic Aus)
CAIL (1915 Sea Lake Vic Aus)
CALDWELL (1850+ Balgownie NSW Aus)
CALVER (1890s Petersham NSW Aus)
CARLAW (1790+ Carridon Wln Sct)
CARLAW (1820+ Newcastle upon Tyne Nbl Eng)
CARTER (1820 Hobart Tas Aus)
CHIDGEY (1832+ Sydney NSW Aus)
CLEAVER (1800s Henley on Thames Oxf Eng)
COSWAY (1800+ Som Eng)
COULTER (1807 Dumfries Dfs Sct)
CRADDUCK (1860+ Chart Sutton Ken Eng)
CRAM (1700 Cramlington Nbl Eng)
CROAK / var (c1860 Gowran Kik Irl)
CROAK / var (1880+ Wellington NSW Aus)
CRUWYS (1879+ Balmain NSW Aus)
CUNNINGHAM (1820 Hobart Tas Aus)

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DALY (1854 Limerick Lim Irl)
DAVIDSON (1766+ Nether Dallachy Mor Sct)
DENNIS (1840 Camborne Con Eng)
DENNIS (1890 Bendigo Vic Aus)
DOBBIN (1895 Wycheproof Vic Aus)
DOBBIN (1930 Melbourne Vic Aus)
DORE (1800s Winster Dby Eng)
DOUGLASS (1870+ South Creek NSW Aus)

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EDWARDS (1870+ Balmain NSW Aus)
EVANS (1866 Aberystwyth Cgn Wls)

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FARRALL (1880 Cobram Vic Aus)
FARRALL (1900 Elmore Vic Aus)
FARRELL (1800+ Glenmalure Wic Irl)
FARRELL (1860+ Vic Aus)
FARRELL (1875+ Shea?Oak Log SA Aus)
FEVER (1804+ Wittersham Ken Eng)
FROST (-1855 Leeds Wry Eng)

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GALLAGHER (1859+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
GAVIN (1855 Wollongong NSW Aus)
GILLESPIE (1800s Exorna Derry Ldy Irl)
GORDON (1700+ Keith Ban Sct)
GREEN (1850+ Little Para SA Aus)
GRIFFIN (1806+ Hackney Mdx Eng)
GROVES (1780+ Dor Eng)
GROVES (1850+ Manning River NSW Aus)

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HAMMETT (1880+ Maitland NSW Aus)
HARGRAVE (1920s Blaxland NSW Aus)
HARRIMAN (1780s Sutton Bonington Ntt Eng)
HARRIMAN (1830s+ Tiverton Dev Eng)
HARRIMAN (1850s+ Manning River NSW Aus)
HARRIMAN (1880s Plattsburg NSW Aus)
HARRIS (1844 Bkm Eng)
HARRIS (1850 Huon Tas Aus)
HARRISON (1920s Malvern Vic Aus)
HARVEY (1800s St Austell Con Eng)
HASELL (1810 Sudbury Sfk Eng)
HAYDON (1830+ Bethnal Green Mdx Eng)
HILLS (1782+ Great Barfield Ess Eng)
HILLS (1835+ Camberwell Sry Eng)
HOPKINS (1860 Cardiff Gla Wls)
HUBBARD (1859 Melbourne Vic Aus)
HUTCHINGS (1870+ Tamworth NSW Aus)

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JEFFERY (1800s Bideford Dev Eng)
JENKYN (1820 Gwinear Con Eng)
JENKYNS (1870 Hill End NSW Aus)

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KAY (1768+ Kirkbymoorside Nry Eng)
KAY (1886 Bishop Auckland Dur Eng)
KENDREN (1787+ Rotherhithe Sry Eng)
KERR (1860+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
KING (1850 Speymouth Mor Sct)
KOHLER (1860 Beil Bern Ch)

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LARKIN (1780 Kilkenny Kik Irl)
LEWTHWAITE (1863+ Gillingham Ken Eng)
LITTLE (1860 Penryn Con Eng)
LITTLE (1868 Paddington NSW Aus)
LITTLE (1905 Randwick NSW Aus)
LOVELL (1846 Huon Tas Aus)
LUNN (1790+ Ripon Yks Eng)
LYONS (1810 Whitechapel Mdx Eng)

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McDERMOTT (1830 Sligo Sli Irl)
McDONALD (1850+ Bowenfels NSW Aus)
McGREGOR (1770+ Per Sct)
McGREGOR (1820+ Ans Sct)
McGUINNESS (1850 Donegal Don Irl)
McKAY / var (1826 Clarence Plains Tas Aus)
MacLEAN / var (1800+ Talisker Inv Sct)
McMAHON (1825 Wic Irl)
McMAHON (1850+ Merino Vic Aus)
McQUEEN (1800+ Talisker Inv Sct)

MACKINTOSH (1790 Croy Inv Sct)
MADDEN (1820 Pettigo Don Irl)
MADDISON (1811+ Wolsingham Dur Eng)
MAGUIRE (1840s Pettigo Fer Irl)
MAGUIRE (1860+ Kangaroo Valley NSW Aus)
MAHON (1825 Wic Irl)
MANN (1700+ Paul Con Eng)
MANN (1790+ Croy Inv Sct)
MASTERSON (1850 Kilkenny Kik Irl)
MAUGHAN (1825 Wic Irl)
MESKELL (1850+ Grafton NSW Aus)
MORE (1700+ Avoch Roc Sct)
MORRISON (1860 Geelong Vic Aus)
MUNRO (1860+ Balmain NSW Aus)

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NICHOLS (1850+ Lithgow NSW Aus)
NICHOLSON (1850 Hobart Tas Aus)
NIXON (1830+ Wigtown Dfs Sct)
NIXON (1860 Geelong Vic Aus)
NIXON (1880 Congupna Vic Aus)
NOBLE (1840s Dromore Fer Irl)
NOLAN (1800+ Drumgoff Wic Irl)
NOLAN (1858+ Coleraine Vic Aus)
NOWLAN (1800+ Drumgoff Wic Irl)

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OBRIEN (1833 Cootehill Cav Irl)
ONEIL (1840 Ferns Wex Irl)

OATES (1823 Bentley Wry Eng)
OATES (1916 Huon Tas Aus)
OLDRIDGE (1821 Chatham Ken Eng)
OLDRIDGE (1850 Greenwich Ken Eng)
OWEN (1840s+ Maitland NSW Aus)
OWEN (1850s+ Wallsend NSW Aus)

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PEARCE (1820 Poole Dev Eng)
PEARCE (1850+ Newcastle upon Tyne Nbl Eng)
PHILLIPS (1855 Tambaroora NSW Aus)
PLEDGER (1880 Paddington NSW Aus)
PRICE (1790+ Leeds Yks Eng)
PRICE (1840+ Islington Mdx Eng)
PYLE (1820 Woodbury Dev Eng)
PYLE (1860 Murroon Vic Aus)
PYLE (1884+ San Francisco CA USA)

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ROBINSON (1880s Bendigo Vic Aus)
ROCHFORD (1850+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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SCRIVENER (1780 Ipswich Sfk Eng)
SHEEN (1800s Tarpoley Chs Eng)
SMITH (1820+ Lambeth Sry Eng)
SMITH (1850 Ipswich Sfk Eng)
SPINK (1700+ Dundee Ans Sct)
SPRINGGAY (1840+ Sheerness Ken Eng)
STANFORD (1895+ Marrickville NSW Aus)
STEVENSON (1790+ Falkirk Sti Sct)
STRONG (c1820 Frome Som Eng)
STRONG (1847+ Hobart Tas Aus)
STUDDERT (1800s Paterson NSW Aus)
SWINDLEY (1700+ Waverton Chs Eng)
SWINDLEY (1870+ Tolga Qld Aus)

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TAYLOR (1840+ Parramatta NSW Aus)
THOMAS (1800 Norfolk Island NSW Aus)
THOMSON (1760+ Orwell Krs Sct)
THOMSON (1770+ But Sct)
TOWSEY (1900+ Gillingham Ken Eng)
TUOHEY (1864 Bendigo Vic Aus)

UNDERSHELL (1730+ Southwark Sry Eng)

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WADE (1855 Leeds Wry Eng)
WARDROP (1862 Pyramul NSW Aus)
WATTS (1796+ Pontefract Wry Eng)
WATTS (1885 Woolwich Ken Eng)
WEARNE (1884 Liverpool NSW Aus)
WEARNE (1915 Rockdale NSW Aus)
WEBB (1812 Tenby Pem Wls)
WEBSTER (1820 Norwich Nfk Eng)
WENBAN (1800+ Mosman NSW Aus)
WENHAM (1850 Shoreditch Mdx Eng)
WENHAM (1862 Pyramul NSW Aus)
WHEELER (1782 Wallsend Nbl Eng)
WHIDDON (1880 Paddington NSW Aus)
WHITTLE (1700+ Broadwey Dor Eng)
WHITTLE (1839+ Tam O'Shanter SA Aus)
WHYTELL (1800 Shoreditch Mdx Eng)
WILLIAMS (1841 Wellington NZ)
WILLIAMS (1856+ Brownhill Creek SA Aus)
WORSLEY (1814 Kingston Gla Wls)


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