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Some of our subscribers are researching these surnames this month
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Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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AKEHURST (1720 Hellingly Ssx Eng)
ANDERSON (1730 Comrie Per Sct)
ANDERSON (1850+ Geelong Vic Aus)
ANNISON (all yrs worldwide)
AVIS (1820+ Shorne Ken Eng)

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BARTLETT (1832 Lewes Ssx Eng)
BARTLETT (1857 London Mdx Eng)
BARTON (1840 Hartley NSW Aus)
BERGMANSON (1893+ Ljusne Swe)
BERRY (1960 Sydney NSW Aus)
BEVERIDGE (1760+ Portmoak Krs Sct)
BINGHAM (1820 Ardee Lou Irl)
BIRCHALL (1865+ Wigan Lan Eng)
BOSANKO (1710 St Endellion Con Eng)
BRADSHAW (1815 Cappawhite Tip Irl)
BRENNAN (1840 Kapunda SA Aus)
BRIGHT (1844 Norton Mandeville Ess Eng)
BURGESS (1704 Brede Ssx Eng)

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CAVE (1822 Cor Irl)
CAVE (1856 Melbourne Vic Aus)
CHAMBERS (1820+ Southwark Sry Eng)
CLAYTON (1880 Porters Retreat NSW Aus)
COCHRANE (1820 Cork Cor Irl)
COCKRAM (1889+ Adelaide SA Aus)
COLEMAN (1730+ Haslemere Sry Eng)
COLLIN (1950 Greenock Rfw Sct)
COOKE (1700+ Haslemere Sry Eng)
CROWE (1815 Cappawhite Tip Irl)
CROWE (1834 Pallas Grean Lim Irl)
CROWE (1876 Mt Gambier SA Aus)

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DALEY / var (1836+ Sydney NSW Aus)
DALEY / var (1850+ NZ)
DAVIS (1765 Thornbury Gls Eng)
DE CAUX / var (all yrs Tas Aus)
DOWNES (1889 Mdx Eng)
DOYLE (1840 Kik Irl)
DOYLE (1875+ Warburton Vic Aus)

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EDIS (1827 Glatton Hun Eng)
EDIS (1857 London Mdx Eng)

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FAIRHURST (1911 Bolton Lan Eng)

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GALLAGHER (1840 Edery Fer Irl)
GARDEN (1881 Aberdeen Abd Sct)
GILLYEATT (1800+ Newington Sry Eng)
GLEESON (1780+ Newhall Cla Irl)
GOLDSMITH (1740+ Chalk Ken Eng)
GRIFFIN (1866+ Kingsley SA Aus)

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HARRISON (1875+ Maryport Cul Eng)
HEALEY / var (1850+ Launceston Tas Aus)
HENRY (1881 Aberdeen Abd Sct)
HESSION (1715 Tuam Gal Irl)
HILL (1785+ Shorne Ken Eng)
HILLS (1660+ Reigate Sry Eng)
HITCHEN (1830 Hebden Bridge Wry Eng)
HOLDEN (1749 Hellingly Ssx Eng)
HOLOHAN (1840 Arigna Ros Irl)
HYLES (1840 Hoo Ken Eng)

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INGERSOLE (1699 Barking Ess Eng)
IRWIN (1840 Limerick Lim Irl)

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JOYCE (1841+ Kapunda SA Aus)

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KELLY (1900 Bankstown NSW Aus)

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LEAN (1703 Blisland Con Eng)
LITTLE (c1800 Lambourn Brk Eng)
LITTLE (1850+ Mt Gambier SA Aus)
LLOYD (1696 Mitcheldene Gls Eng)
LOVEDAY (1935+ Vic Aus)

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McCAFFREY (1841 Kesh Fer Irl)
McFARLANE (1730+ St Ninians Sti Sct)
McKAY (1850+ Fryers Creek Vic Aus)
McNAMARA (c1850 Ballaghafadda East Cla Irl)
McNAMARA (1876 Clare Valley SA Aus)
McNAMARA (c1889 Adelaide SA Aus)

MARTIN (1740+ Wittersham Ken Eng)
MASTERS (1665 Marden Ken Eng)
MURRAY (1874 Dunedin Otago NZ)
MURRAY (1896 Broken Hill NSW Aus)
MURRAY (1914 Mt Gambier SA Aus)

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NEWMAN (1830+ Launceston Tas Aus)

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OCONNELL (-1850 Mitchelstown Cor Irl)
OLOUGHLIN (1837 Cla Irl)

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PALMER (1820 Colchester Ess Eng)

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QUINNEL (all yrs Nettlestead Ken Eng)

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RATCLIFFE (1850s Bylands Vic Aus)
REID (1790+ Fortrose Roc Sct)
ROSS (1870+ Deniliquin NSW Aus)

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SCHRODER / var (1890+ Oregrund Swe)
SCHRODER / var (1911+ NZ)
SMITH (1831+ Sydney NSW Aus)
SMITH (1850+ NZ)
SMITH (1890 Aberdeen Abd Sct)
SOUTH (1814 Buckingham Bkm Eng)
SRINGGAY (1801 Portsea Ham Eng)
SWEENY (c1830 Ballyluddy Lim Irl)

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THOMSON (1730+ Fochabers Mor Sct)
THORNELL (1760+ Glandford Brigg Lin Eng)
TRITTON (1684 Lenham Ken Eng)


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WEATHERBY (all yrs Macclesfield Chs Eng)
WEATHERSTONE (1920 Tamworth NSW Aus)
WHELAN (1850 Tip Irl)
WHITE (1782 Hoxne Sfk Eng)
WHYTE (1832 Sli Irl)
WILDING (1813 Lavenham Sfk Eng)
WILLIAMS (1905 Little River NSW Aus)
WOOTTON (1727 Cannock Sts Eng)


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