This months Surname Register

Some of our subscribers are researching these surnames this month
(not as many as usual – tis the season genies visit the Northern hemisphere)
Do you have any of them in your family tree?

If you do, you should contact the submitter to see if there is a
family connection
(please see below)

Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ADAMS (1800s Sfk Eng)
ADAMS (1850+ Maitland NSW Aus)
ALLEN (1808+ Ken Eng)
ARMITAGE (1774 Rothwell Wry Eng)
ARMSTRONG (1840 Ballintemple Cav Irl)
ARMSTRONG (1842 Sydney NSW Aus)
AUSTIN (1826 Ken Eng)

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BAGNALL / var (1832 Cashel Tip Irl)
BAILEY (1850+ northern rivers NSW Aus)
BAILLIE (1838+ Newry Irl)
BAKER (1775+ Sfk Eng)
BAKER (1814+ London Eng)
BALDWIN (1897 Cootamundra NSW Aus)
BANNING (1808 Ess Eng)
BARROW (1700+ Rangeworthy Gls Eng)
BELFORE (1730+ Knockbride Cav Irl)
BELL (1819 Sel Sct)
BELLAMY (1760+ Wainfleet Lin Eng)
BOULDEN (1850+ Maitland NSW Aus)
BOWSER (1700+ Thorpe, Croft Lin Eng)
BOYDEN (1810+ Sheerness Ken Eng)
BOYDEN (1880+ Port Melbourne Vic Aus)
BRANDON (1905 Cootamundra NSW Aus)
BRIDGER (1830 Kurrajong NSW Aus)
BRITTON (1800s Port Stephens NSW Aus)
BUCK (1858+ Lambeth Sry Eng)
BUCK (1891+ Townsville Qld Aus)
BUNKER (1796 Liverpool NSW Aus)
BURGE (1850+ Castlemaine Vic Aus)
BURTON / BOLTON (1793 Sry Eng)

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CADBY (1837 Sydney NSW Aus)
CAREY (1700+ Croxton Keyrial Lei Eng)
CARTWRIGHT (1731 Worthen Sal Eng)
CHAPMAN (1803 Mdx Eng)
CHILDS (1900+ Petersham NSW Aus)
CLARKE (1860 Albury NSW Aus)
COCKROFT (1750 Heptonsall Yks Eng)
COCKS / var (1750+ Yate Gls Eng)
COLLINSON (1852+ Thwing Ery Eng)
COLLINSON (1900+ Brandon Qld Aus)
COLSON (1855+ Benalla Vic Aus)
COLSON (1940 Northcote Vic Aus)
CORDELL (1900+ Epping Vic Aus)
COVENTRY (1650+ Iron Acton, Rangeworthy Gls Eng)
CRISPIN (1800s Sydney NSW Aus)

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DARGAN (1870 Marulan NSW Aus)
DARGAN (1892 Manly NSW Aus)
DAVEY (1844 Exeter Dev Eng)
DAVEY (1852 Hobart Tas Aus)
DELAHIDE (1840 Lim, Cla Irl)
DESLANDES (1883+ Collingwood Vic Aus)
DOLPHIN (1800s Sal Eng)
DOUGHERTY (1840+ St Albans NSW Aus)
DURHAM (1794+ Hun Eng)
DURHAM (1815+ Codmanchester Cam Eng)
DURHAM (1870+ Smythesdale Vic Aus)
DWYER (1825 Soloheadbeg Tip Irl)

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FERNANCE (1850+ northern rivers NSW Aus)
FEVERYEAR (1780+ Wingfield Sfk Eng)
FOOTE (1788+ Bdf Eng)
FORBES (1833 Doune Kilmadock Per Sct)
FOX (1840 Goulburn NSW Aus)
FULLER (1773+ Kingston Sry Eng)

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GARRATT (1700+ South Reston Lin Eng)
GIBSON (1700+ Ardomone, Knockbride Cav Irl)
GORTON (1700+ Brk Eng)
GOSSTRAY (1870+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
GREBBY (1700+ Burge, Croft Lin Eng)
GUEST (1760+ Lan Eng)

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HANCOCK (1850+ Dungog NSW Aus)
HARGREAVES (1880 Otautau Sld NZ)
HARRAGON (1800s Newcastle NSW Aus)
HAWES (1803 Sfk Eng)
HENRY (1840 Carnaross Kells Mea Irl)
HERRING (1890+ Shepparton Vic Aus)
HERRING (1906 Maitland NSW Aus)
HODGETTS (1916 Chudleigh Tas Aus)
HOOD (1800s NSW Aus)
HOUSE / var (1700+ Yate Gls Eng)

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ISAAC (1600+ Yate, Horton Gls Eng)

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JACKSON (1855 Gosford NSW Aus)
JANES (1899 Chatsworth NSW Aus)
JEBBETT (1841 Wilton Som Eng)
JOHNSON (1740+ London Eng)
JONES (1829+ Windsor NSW Aus)

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KEELIN / KEILY (1840 Goulburn NSW Aus)
KEY / var (1700+ Skirbeck Lin Eng)

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LAMB (1882 Seghill Nbl Eng)
LAMBERT (1900+ Kalgoorlie WA Aus)
LANGDON (1847 Melbourne Vic Aus)
LEVY (1818+ London Mdx Eng)
LEVY (-1849+ CA USA)
LEVY (1853+ Ballarat Vic Aus)
LEVY (1858+ Vic Aus)
LEVY (1903+ NSW Aus)
LEVY (1923+ Sutherland NSW Aus)
LEWIS (1880 Condobolin NSW Aus)
LORD (1720 Todmorden Lan Eng)

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McARTHUR (1863 Bluff Sld NZ)
McARTHUR (1863 Hobart Tas Aus)
McFADDEN (1800+ Cav Irl)
McGILLIVRAY (1830 Nairn Nai Sct)
McGILLIVRAY (1880 Otautau Sld NZ)
McKENZIE (1850 Sydney NSW Aus)
McLOUGHLIN (1900 Cobar NSW Aus)
McPHEE (1900+ Geelong Vic Aus)

MAIN (1758 Kennoway Fif Sct)
MAINTAIN (1771 Flockton Wry Eng)
MAY (1850+ Colton SA Aus)
MEALE (1876 Cootamundra NSW Aus)
MIDDLETON (1840 Glasgow Lks Sct)
MOORE (1767+ Limavady Ldy Irl)
MOORE (1814 Lei Eng)
MOORE (1856 Camden NSW Aus)
MOORE (1895 Broughton Cul Eng)

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NAGEL (1812 Hen Ger)
NAGINGTON (1820 Hinstock Sal Eng)
NIELSEN (1816 Skibby Frederiksborg Den)
NISBET (1850+ Arm Irl)
NISBET (1855+ Lks Sct)

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OCONNOR (1860 Albury NSW Aus)

OLARENSHAW (1900+ Footscray Vic Aus)

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PARRY (1725 Worthen Sal Eng)
PARTRIDGE (1849 Islington Mdx Eng)
POWELL (-1852 Adelaide SA Aus)

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RICHEY (1780+ Dublin Dub Irl)
RICHEY (1853+ Vic Aus)
RIDDLE (1820 Sfk Eng)
RIDDLE (1833 Parramatta NSW Aus)
ROWLAND (1700+ Halifax Yks, Rochdale Lan Eng)

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SAINSBERY (1850+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
SCARBROUGH / var (1764 St Noets Hun Eng)
SCHNEIDER (1850 Inverell NSW Aus)
SEDDON (1820+ Liverpool Lan Eng)
SEDDON (1880+ Collingwood Vic Aus)
SHAW (1800s NSW Aus)
SHIRLEY (1750 Ringwood Ham Eng)
SMITH (1800s Balmain NSW Aus)
SMITH (1840+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
SMITH (1850 Melbourne Vic Aus)
SMITH (1911 Murrurundi NSW Aus)
SMYTHE (1885 Carnaross Kells Mea Irl)
SOLOMON (1813+ London Mdx Eng)
SOLOMON (1850+ Westfield MA USA)
STAIT (1830 Tas Aus)
SUTTON (1768 Old Warden Bdf Eng)

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TELLING / var (1700s Brk Eng)
TRACEY / var (1813+ Wic Irl)


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VALENTINE (-1856 London Mdx Eng)

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WAUGH (1855+ Lks Sct)
WAUGH (1880+ Sydney NSW Aus)
WEBB (1805 Stockport Chs Eng)
WHITAKER (1860 Pleasant Creek Vic Aus)
WRIGHT (1860+ Walgett NSW Aus)


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