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These are the surnames some of our subscribers are researching.
Do you have any of them in your family tree?

If you do, you should contact the submitter to see if there is a family connection
(see below)

Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ALFORD (1880 Wagga Wagga NSW Aus)

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BLACK (-1841 Irl)
BLACK (1852 Lowell MA USA)
BLACK (-1855 Paisley Rfw Sct)
BLACK (1855+ Brisbane Qld Aus)
BLACK (all yrs Cairns Qld Aus)
BLACK (all yrs Charters Towers Qld Aus)
BLACK (all yrs Maryborough Qld Aus)
BRINE (1850s Pewsey Wil Eng)
BRINE (1854 Melbourne Vic Aus)
BRYAN (1850s Melbourne Vic Aus)
BUCKINGHAM (1840 Bkm Eng)
BUDERUS (all yrs Kingwood NSW Aus)
BUDERUS (all yrs Petersham NSW Aus)
BUDERUS (all yrs Palmerston North NZ)
BUDERUS (all yrs Rockhampton Qld Aus)
BUDERUS (all yrs Shoalhaven Heads NSW Aus)
BURSLE (-1820 Bedford MA USA)
BURSLE (1855+ Gundagai NSW Aus)
BUTLER (1850+ Rushcutters Bay NSW Aus)

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CENNA (1870 Nhill Vic Aus)
CHOWN (1850 Milverton Som Eng)
COLLITS (1801 Hartley NSW Aus)
COOMBE (1828 Lewannick Con Eng)
CREENAUNE (1870 Nhill Vic Aus)
CULVERWELL (1800 Feniton Dev Eng)

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DAVIS (1899 Parkes NSW Aus)
DAWE (1900 Norton Fitzwarren Som Eng)
DE ROZARIO (1886 Madras Tamil Nadu Ind)
DOYLE (1900 Adelaide SA Aus)

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ELLIS (1930+ Fremantle WA Aus)

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FARRIMOND (1935 Lithgow NSW Aus)
FAULL (1906 Parkes NSW Aus)
FITZGIBBON (1800s Merino Vic Aus)

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GAYFORD (1930 Bankstown NSW Aus)
GRAINGER (-1819 Kilmurry Cor Irl)
GRAINGER (-1819 Prospect NSW Aus)
GRAINGER (1860+ Clarence River NSW Aus)
GRANT (1906 Parkes NSW Aus)
GUDGEON (1858 Sydney NSW Aus)

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HEAD (1777 Dover Ken Eng)
HEAD (1922 New York NY USA)
HUTCHINS (1850 Goulburn NSW Aus)

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JOHANNES (1900 Bilaspur Ind)

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KENT (1928 Parkes NSW Aus)
KINGSTON (1840 Bandon Cor Irl)
KNUDSEN (1920 Stanmore NSW Aus)

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LANGFORD (1930+ Fremantle WA Aus)
LEARMONT (1889 Wagga Wagga NSW Aus)
LEVY (1874 Brooklyn NY USA)
LIVIE (1930+ Bassendean WA Aus)
LORING (1840 Clerkenwell Mdx Eng)
LYONS (1890 Moss Vale NSW Aus)
LYONS (1935 Raymond Terrace NSW Aus)

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McBRIDE (1900+ Patterson NJ USA)
McCARTHY (1824 Appin NSW Aus)
McCARTHY (1824 Sydney NSW Aus)
McKENNA (1900 Belfast Ant Irl)
McMENAMY (1900 Belfast Ant Irl)
McMENAMY (1920+ Patterson NJ USA)

MANWARING (all yrs NSW, Qld Aus)
MARJORAM (1900 Lithgow NSW Aus)
MARNING (1832+ Stuart Town NSW Aus)
MARTIN (2000+ Darwin NT Aus)
MATTHEWS (1850 Exeter Dev Eng)
MINNS (1870s Melbourne Vic Aus)
MUCHAMORE (1800 Harberton Dev Eng)
MULCAHY (1826 Sydney NSW Aus)
MULLER (-1870 Ladenberg Bad Ger)

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PARMENTER (1898 Bowral NSW Aus)
PECK (1830 Cambridge Cam Eng)
PERRIMAN (1800 Ottery St Mary Dev Eng)
PERRIMAN (1863 Wagga Wagga NSW Aus)
POPE (all yrs Botany NSW Aus)
POPE (all yrs Charters Towers Qld Aus)
POPE (all yrs Con Eng)
POPE (all yrs Kalgoorlie WA Aus)

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REAL (1850 Pallasgrean Lim Irl)
REAL (1850+ Ipswich Qld Aus)
REDDY (1870 Jandowae Qld Aus)
RISELEY (1850+ Aus)
RUSHEN (2000+ Aus)

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SCARLETT (1886 Prahran Vic Aus)
SHANKS (-1829 Donaghagee Dow Irl)
SHANKS (1829+ Inch Wig Sct)
SHANKS (1857+ Brisbane Qld Aus)
SLATER (1830 Oundle Nth Eng)
SLOMAN (1840 Milverton Som Eng)
SPENCER (1840 Sry Eng)
STEWART (1880 Jandowae Qld Aus)
STOCKER (1880s Brighton Vic Aus)
STRACEY (1860 Bangalore Ind)
SUGG (1830 Shapwick Som Eng)

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TOWNLEY (1850 Thames Tvy NZ)
TUNE / var (1777 Dover Ken Eng)


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VOIGHT (1880s Scoresby Vic Aus)

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WARREN (1800 Norton Fitzwarren Som Eng)
WEBB (-1966+ Sutherland NSW Aus)
WEEKS (1850 Goulburn NSW Aus)
WESTBURY (1902 Bowral NSW Aus)
WILSON (-1855 Saintfield Dow Irl)
WILSON (1855+ Ipswich Qld Aus)
WYATT (all yrs Cairns Qld Aus)
WYATT (all yrs Hughenden Qld Aus)


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