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Some of our subscribers are researching these surnames this month.
Do you have any of them in your family tree?

If you do, you should contact the submitter to see if there is a family connection
(see below)

Please note that Chapman Codes are used for county / state and country


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ABBERTON (1880+ Gal Irl)
ABBERTON (1850+ Goulburn NSW Aus)
ABBERTON (1890+ Sydney NSW Aus)
ALLEN (1883+ Brisbane Qld Aus)
ASHINHURST (1890 Belfast Ant Irl)

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BEATTIE (1947+ Sydney NSW Aus)
BISDICK (all yrs Con Eng)
BOHUN (-1820 Peckham Sry Eng)
BONE (-1820 Peckham Sry Eng)
BONE (-1870+ Castlemaine Vic Aus)
BONE (-1870+ Hobart Tas Aus)
BOWDEN (1820 Dev Eng)
BREMNER (1800+ Thurso, Wick Cai Sct)
BREMNER (c1900 Sydney NSW Aus)

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CALVER (1858 Auckland NZ)
CAMERON (1840+ Vic Aus)
CAMERON (1884 Maitland NSW Aus)
CAMPBELL (1850 Campbelltown NSW Aus)
CAMPBELL (-1914 Homebush NSW Aus)
CHAPMAN (-1870+ Bairnsdale Vic Aus)
CHARLES (1841+ Windermere area Vic Aus)
CHASMAR / var (1800 Ken Eng)
CHASMAR / var (1850+ Sydney NSW Aus)
CHILDS (1860+ Leichhardt NSW Aus)
COLLINS (1888 Tuena NSW Aus)
COOPER (-1860+ Oporto Portugal)

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DEIS (1864+ Barcaldine Qld Aus)
DUNBAR (c1900 Sydney NSW Aus)
DUX (-1870+ Bairnsdale Vic Aus)

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FAIRGRAY (1750+ Hoddam Dfs Sct)
FARRELL (1850+ Shea Oak Log SA Aus)
FENTON (1810 Kendal Wes Eng)
FROGLEY (1858 Garra NSW Aus)

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GALBRAITH (1850+ Melbourne Vic Aus)
GALBRAITH (1890+ Sydney NSW Aus)
GOOCH (1916 Randwick NSW Aus)

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HAMMETT (1889 West Maitland NSW Aus)
HARDMAN (1872+ Narrabri NSW Aus)
HAWLEY (1850+ Sydney NSW Aus)
HAYDON (1836 Morchard Bishop Dev Eng)
HERBERT (1840 Bkm Eng)
HUBBARD (1859 Melbourne Vic Aus)
HUGHES (1849+ Geelong, Castlemaine Vic Aus)
HUMPHREYS (1932+ Waverley NSW Aus)

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JASPER (1870+ Aus)
JELBART (1882 O'Connell NSW Aus)
JENKYN (1820 Gwinear Con Eng)
JENKYNS (1870 Hill End NSW Aus)
JOHNSON / var (1839 Cobbity NSW Aus)

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LITTLE (1860 Penryn Con Eng)
LOCKBIE / var (1750+ Lochmaben Dfs Sct)
LODGE (1852 West Maitland NSW Aus)
LOWTHER (1830+ Castleford Yks Eng)
LOWTHER (1895 Drysdale Vic Aus)

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McCALLUM (-1840+ Glasgow Lks Sct)
McCALLUM (-1860+ Cape Town RSA)
McKINLEY (-1840+ Rfw Sct)
McKINLEY (1842+ Whangarei NZ)
McQUEEN (1825+ Talisker Inv Sct)

MAGILL (1800+ Belfast Ant Irl)
MAGILL (1880+ Tamworth NSW Aus)
MARSHAM (1857+ Geelong Vic Aus)
MARTIN (1843 Melbourne Vic Aus)
METCALF (1842 Sydney NSW Aus)
MITCHELL (1854+ Ballarat area Vic Aus)
MOYLAN (1889 West Maitland NSW Aus)
MUNRO (1893 Granville NSW Aus)
MURRELL (1859+ Balmain NSW Aus)

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NOBES (1800 Nfk Eng)
NOLAN (1850+ Shea Oak Log SA Aus)
NOWLAN (1850+ Shea Oak Log SA Aus)

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PEARSON (1875+ Sydney NSW Aus)
PELLATT (1783 Queenborough Ken Eng)
PETTIT (1850+ Sydney NSW Aus)
PHILLIPS (1855 Tambaroora NSW Aus)
PITTENDRIGH (1842 Wattle Flat NSW Aus)
PLEDGER (1880 Paddington NSW Aus)
POPE (c1850 Dor Eng)

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QUAIFE (1830+ Ssx Eng)
QUAIFE (1860 Macedon Vic Aus)
QUILTY (1820 Irl)
QUILTY (1843 Melbourne Vic Aus)
QUILTY (1845 Buninyong Vic Aus)

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ROLLO (1889 West Maitland NSW Aus)
ROSE (1800+ Thurso Cai Sct)
RUHL (1864+ Barcaldine Qld Aus)
RUSSELL (1850 Walsall Sts Eng)

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SIGRIST (1890+ Sydney NSW Aus)
SINCLAIR (1750+ Thurso Cai Sct)
SLINGSBY (1878 Beecroft NSW Aus)
SMITH (1800+ Hull Yks Eng)
SPICER (1899 Bindogundra NSW Aus)
SPINKS / var (1892 Trunkey Creek NSW Aus)
STEVEN / var (-1800+ Thurso Cai Sct)
STEVEN / var (-1820+ Edinburgh Mln Sct)

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TELFER (-1840+ Mln Sct)
TELFER (-1860+ Whangarei NZ)
THOMAS (c1829 Wls)
THOMSON (1750+ Dumfries Dfs Sct)
THOMPSON (1850 Sofala NSW Aus)
TORPHY / var (1800+ Gal Irl)
TORPHY / var (1850+ Goulburn NSW Aus)
TRAILL (1800+ Thurso Cai Sct)


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VAUGHAN (1858+ Sydney NSW Aus)

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WARDROP (1862 Pyramul NSW Aus)
WARREN (1867 Forbes NSW Aus)
WEARNE (1884 Liverpool NSW Aus)
WEARNE (1915 Rockdale NSW Aus)
WEARNE (1922 Penshurst NSW Aus)
WENHAM (1850 Shoreditch Mdx Eng)
WENHAM (1862 Pyramul NSW Aus)
WEST (1839 West Maitland NSW Aus)
WHIDDON (1880 Paddington NSW Aus)
WHITE (1879 Bindogundra NSW Aus)
WHITEMAN (1841 Camden NSW Aus)
WILSON (1700+ Dumfries Dfs Sct)
WILSON (1854 Carcoar NSW Aus)
WILSON (1854 Errol NSW Aus)
WILSON (1900+ Summer Hill NSW Aus)
WILSON (c1913 Gresford NSW Aus)
WOOD (1850+ Sts Eng)
WOOLDRIDGE (-1870+ Pyrmont NSW Aus)


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