Rescued as a tiny kitten, Tigger became our first member of staff when he was 4 years old. This part–Siamese (or part–Birman), beautifully marked champagne and white, exceptionally soft–furred tabby eagerly anticipated each working week with its variety of tasks, humans and opportunities for communion with them.
A strictly indoor boy, Tigger was a cat–of–all tasks who excelled at welcoming visitors at the door, especially those not used to acknowledging felines. If overlooked, he encouraged the culprit to stroke him by gently tapping a retreating leg. On the rare occasion that the desired result was not forthcoming, following the offender, sitting at their feet and asking politely invariably did the trick.
Computer–literate, Tigger often demonstrated his ability to produce unusual responses from one of the office computers as he tiptoed past the keyboard for a spot of desk–top window outdoor guarding (usually done while the humans were having morning tea).
Tiggers other specialties were proofreading and checking outgoing mail, although it can truly be said that he found every aspect of magazine production interesting and never failed to notice something that required his special touch.
After a wonderfully loving and productive life,
Tigger walked over the Rainbow Bridge.

14 December 1987 – 31 January 2005
   Introducing Lucy
Having had a Ragdoll in disguise in our midst for such a long time, our Very Special Boy could only be followed by a real Ragdoll.
Lucy (Ragdream Lucinda) is a blue-cream mitted girl who joined us when she was 11 weeks old. A ball of the softest mostly white fur, she has both the cheekiest nature and the most energy of any kitten weve ever known.
Playful to the max, she is highly intelligent and keen to learn how everything works. While computer and telephone cords have their understandable fascination, Lucys favourite office toy is the shredding bin. The combination of a few carefully selected strips of shredded paper meeting the breeze of the main office fan is irresistible. All work ceases while Lucy dashes, leaps and somersaults about in an attempt to control the pesky paper which the humans can only joyfully observe without being in the direct chase zone.
With the mornings aerobic exercise done, Lucy turns her attention to helping the humans with some desk work, especially if it involves highlighting paperwork. She favours the colour pink and considers it an honour if the skirmish results in having a coloured stripe on one of her paws.

Like Tigger before her, Lucy has quickly found her favourite sleeping spots in each of the offices. In the subscriptions office she favours a small empty box under one of the desks, while in the editors office she favours the space behind the waste paper bin (as well as its contents). Needless to say, there are too many really interesting things happening in the packing room to even think of sleep!


Also like Tigger before her, Lucy considerately divides her time, choosing to sleep in the subscriptions office in the morning and in the editors office in the afternoon. All in all, she has the makings of another fabulous VIP Staff Member.

And then there were two…
Phoebe (Dollywood Phoebe), a bluepoint Ragdoll, came into our hearts the day before her 2nd birthday. Swiftly nicknamed the gentle giant she is everything anyone could ever want in a Ragdoll – extremely affectionate, sweet, talkative and s-o-o relaxed – she loves sleeping flat on her back, anywhere, any time! Phoebe
Phoebe Phoebe had two previous staff (as in dogs have owners, cats have staff) but some determined cat genealogy located her breeder and we learned that Phoebe looks very like her father, both in colouring and size! Despite her previous relocations, Phoebe settled in to her new home so smoothly that within a few days it was difficult to believe she hadnt always been with us.

Phoebe enjoys office life and has expressed a preference for the visitors chair in the editors office, and is also partial to camping out in the mail tray. Seeing an 8kg cat curled up in a space into which Lucy (who is half Phoebes size) can only just fit is truly a sight to behold.


Life is certainly sweet with two gorgeous Ragdoll girls to supervise (and amuse) us.


The inspiration for this page came from The Local History Cats
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